The Burn Mechanics of CryptoFinney

Yo, I’m a CryptoFinney, and my compadres and I are about to take over the WAX and EOS blockchains. But before we do, I want to break down how this is going to work.

These are Shift Gold Cryptofinney Coins. A total of 10,000 of these will be minted and distributed, 5,000 on WAX and 5,000 on EOS. That’s a lot of gold. 

After distribution starts, you will have two weeks to accumulate as many gold coins as possible. We call these two weeks, “The Countdown to Burn Activation.” You can follow the countdown by checking out the official timer HERE on our website. 

We’ve enlisted some of your favorite community projects and podcasts to help with the gold coin distribution and we’ll hide gold coin “claim links” in Cryptowriter articles, so be on the lookout. You also may have an opportunity to pick up gold coins on AtomicHub HERE for WAX and HERE for EOS, but that’s only if someone is selling. Good luck. 

When the timer runs out, the ability to burn will be activated. Anyone holding a gold coin can choose to burn it in exchange for 1 of the 10,000 unique CryptoFinneys. 

Underneath CryptoFinney’s attributes, you’ll notice he comes in 5 different metal types of different rarities. These metal types are Rhodium (extremely rare), Palladium, Gold, Iridium, and Platinum (most common). When burning, it’s essential to pay attention to the metal type.

To receive a BareMetal CryptoFinney in one of the three chestahedron rarities, you must burn 3 CryptoFinneys of the same metal type. PLEASE NOTE: When you burn an NFT, it is gone forever. You must burn the same metal types if you wish to receive the next level of CryptoFinney.

In the picture above, 3 Palladium CryptoFinneys burned, yield one Palladium BareMetal CryptoFinney. But the fun doesn’t stop there. 

By burning 2 BareMetal CryptoFinneys of the same metal type, you receive a BTCminer CryptoFinney of the same metal type. 

Pictured above is 2 Palladium BareMetal CryptoFinney’s burned to yield 1 Palladium BTCminer CryptoFinney. 

Will anyone be able to burn their way towards the ultimate BTCminer CryptoFinney in the rarest of metals, Rhodium? I guess we’ll soon find out. 

Shift Gold EOS CryptoFinney Coin

Shift Gold WAX CryptoFinney Coin

PS. A great way to earn Shift Gold CryptoFinney Coins is by subscribing to all our crypto publications and engaging heavily with our content. We’ll be rewarding the top 3 most engaged users on EACH publication with CryptoFinney Coins each week. We track likes, comments, and shares across all publications.


What happens if I try to burn a gold coin before the countdown timer reaches 0?

Even though you might see the option to “burn” on AtomicHub, the CryptoFinney smart contract won’t allow the actual burn to happen and you’ll receive a failed transaction message. After the countdown hits 0 we will then enable the burn in the contract. 

What if I burn CryptoFinneys of different metal types?

You will only receive the next level of CryptoFinney by burning the required amount of the same metal types.  

We'll be adding more questions to this FAQ as we hear them from the community. If you have any questions join us in our Telegram group.

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