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When you start out with an ideology as the basis for joining/participating in an undertaking, then it can only go sideways. As all ideologies, they are about belief. Cults are not born of things that are genuine and useful, they are born out of "believers". And, as the history of Christianity has shown, cults may start out with a seeming good idea, but the things that makes them grow are the same base motivations as anything: being uniquely chosen, unquestioning loyalty, unquestioning belief, and a savage view of those who are not believers.

Whoever Satoshi Nakamoto is, he/she/they knew that the magic elixir was:

1. Identify an evil-doer or system

2. Say what you're doing is way to fight evil

3. Offer tangible and intangible rewards for believing

As Jim Jones et al. have proven, this works sometimes too well.

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