I think there's only one reason. Not to investigate.

History has shown us that the biggest Bitcoin opponents are bitcoin owners. This is how it's going to keep going. Someone who slanders wisely will make a purchase. Of course, these are my thoughts.

The year is 2021. It's very easy to get to any information. The Internet is everywhere. Exchanges serve the world. And it's very easy to get bitcoin.

Maybe because I like bitcoin, I won't be able to understand the other side. But it seems to me very unreasonable. They will regret it.

Thanks for the article.

Have a nice day.

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It's hard to understand people. But it can be achieved. It is impossible to teach the ignorant person the truth. They just blindly adhere to the wrong things.

I don't argue with bigoted people anymore. I got bored and gave up. I prefer discussions that can be really useful.

The current system is very backward. It's definitely not age appropriate. People only look at technology physically. As far as they can see. But the software is much more advanced.

People look at that. There are even those who claim that he is waging war. Some managers said so. They brag and say," We have opened a war on crypto". A community of people who are against all innovations. It's so sad.

Thanks for the nice article.

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Well written article. Theses are exact the same answers i get from people when i talk with non cryptointerested people about it. The reason that i hear the most is that they see no value in digital assets. I think in the future all the people that havnt looked into Crypto will regret it. It is a fast growing space and now that the first countrys have cryptocurrency as a official Currency i see the users will even be bigger and bigger.

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Digitalization is here and it is happening. The future is already blinking to us by giving these sneak-peeks of innovations. The world will shape around digital things, and we should get updated at every opportunity. It is how we can adopt the future; I think main feature that will make this possible is modernism. If you learn how to change with the change, then you are good to go.

Moreover, authorities will always talk about this system non-stop. Personally, I don't care about what they are talking. If they are talking it means we are on the track. Also they bring more mass to this space by their acts, I implement it positive more than negative. One day they will stop talking, because there won't be "them" in charge.

Thanks for the article Sylvain.

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People want to earn something easily, effortlessly. As in any other subject, we must really spend time and effort in this matter. No pain no gain lol.

For this reason, as there are those who love Bitcoin, on the other hand, there are many people who do not want to deal with these things and say "do it for me". I have such friends around me and I would never take that risk. Money is your money and I'll just say I did, you do your own research and if it's okay with you, you'll do it. Whether you lose or win, it's "you" doing it.

All in all, Bitcoin is the best opportunity for us in years. And you're trying to explain it tirelessly. In a way that everyone can understand. So I appreciate your effort. And thanks for the article!

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Excellent article. Really could have a lengthy discussion over each point raised here. From my experience the "digital has no value" is the biggest one. They are so tied to the old world of thinking they have really given no thought to what value even means. People who will engage in a lengthy discussion can eventually start to see how digital has value, even though they use credit cards all the time.

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Everything in the world has a price, if you want to make money, you have to work, research. if you invest with hearsay and criticize crypto when you lose money, please leave this place

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Times are changing. Those who don't adapt and take their freedom in their own hands will most likely regret it in the future.

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Keep on preaching! BTC rules!

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