It is clear that they have achieved a first. Who knows, maybe they'll even surpass popular networks. something like this was absolutely necessary, but I was a little upset because I thought about doing it myself, and I even mentioned it in one of the previous articles. development of the blockchain

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The bridge that breaks these barriers seems reliable.

It seems to me that it would be beneficial to support the new and fresh project at this time.

It is an open and logically thought-out project.

It provides convenience to its users.

The article is so simple and understandable that I did not get bored while reading it.

Thanks for the article

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Darwinia Network is a decentralized cross-chain bridge network on Substrate, the "Golden Gate Bridge" of cross-chain ecology.

Polkadot provides the most secure public bridge solution connecting Ethereum, TRON and other heterogeneous chains with cross-chain asset transfer and public remote chain calling. Also, the main application areas include Defi, cross-chain NFT trading market, games, etc.

Native tokens for Darwinia Network are RING, RING can be used as gas for transactions. Gas includes transaction fees, contract execution fees, network bandwidth fees, storage fees, and more.

To encourage users to make and commit to long-term commitments, users can choose to lock RING for 3 - 36 months during the Staking process and the system will offer a KTON token as a reward for users participating in the Staking.

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nice summary thanks

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This bridge will provide people with great convenience in terms of time.

It can also be easily integrated almost anywhere.

Fast transfers between chains and progress with no integration issues.

What more could we ask for.

A project that needs to be done at the right time.

thanks for the article

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I love projects with this kind of purpose. He may be far from his goal right now, or he may not succeed. But a good reason has been thought out. There's good imagination and engineering in the middle. In my eyes, it's worth more than a very popular shitcoin.

There may not be much demand right now, but as the nft becomes widespread, we will look for such things. In this respect, it is quite valuable. It doesn't address today. A project for tomorrow. It's a real project in that respect.

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Absolutely I agree.

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İts goal is really great. I'm not sure, but its value is unknown.

In the future, the project will shine when NFT or token owners decisively request more network-to-network transfers. I think demand is growing day by day.

If successful, the market will take a new direction. That would be great to see. I hope they succeed.

Thank you for introducing the Darwin Network.

Have a nice day.

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It serves a good purpose.

I believe it will shine in time.

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Multi-chain technology enables to go beyond the chains of these networks and break them. Its current position is not very preferable but it promises us the future.

Thank you for explaining the multi-chain technology broader and giving example of Darwinia.

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That's exactly what we're talking about , it's a really great idea to combine multiple technologies in one bridge , if they successfully combine networks and work with attractive tranfer fees, Darwinia would be a great project. I will follow this project very closely thank you for sharing this wonderful article with us.

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The cross-chain bridge network made by the Darwinia project is now a necessary tool for the nft world. There is currently no way for people to send their nfs over different networks. I think this is a big shortcoming. There should be such a technology in this community where there will be great artists in the future. If Darwinia becomes a pioneer in this business, it can reach very different places.

Thanks for the new information and article.

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Hyped on Darwinia. This is EVOLUTION! Thanks for the update Ruma.

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Thanks to these articles, I learn more.

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Thanks for the tutorial. Really interesting stuff. I'm gonna look more into it.

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State institution are on their lifeline

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great detailed explanation.

thank you so much

we really need to be able to transfer between chains.

and darwinia seems to solve it.

i have to try this.

I wish them to build the eos bridge as soon as possible.

thank you very much again for the great article

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A good solution to the problem and project seems quite underrated or maybe i was unknown about this and The Motive of the Project is just to make the Trading between 2 chain's much more easier and that too in a low cost and If everything goes Fine i believe that the project will be very successful and Will add a big value in the Crypto Community.

Thanks for an interesting read Ruma

Learned about something new today :)❣️

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Very cool, hope to see WAX to EOS bridge!

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