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Very True Point.

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Very hypocrite indeed. As long as the government can suck your blood it will continue to do so.

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So let's think about this for a minute.

Mr. Saurel is railing about all sorts of terrible things being done by "The powerful people at the head of the current monetary and financial system do not like Bitcoin."

Now, let's see who he means....

China, which has completely outlawed it and is in the process of creating its own parallel financial system free of concern about corruption, resource theft, and human rights abuse? Naw.

Russia, which has the largest operation carrying out ransomware attacks around the world that is operated entirely on Bitcoin and is embarking on a 30 year run for their dictator and poisoner of opposition figures? Naw.

Not a hard guess then: western liberal democracies that believe in free and fair democratic elections of government, human rights and free speech (excluding hate speech), and open technocratic operation of regulatory agencies.

Yes, it must pain Mssr. Saurel that good governance restricts the way he and his friends (where ever they might be) would like to operate.

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