The Latest From The Sandbox Ecosystem

The Sandbox is one of the most anticipated games of 2021. The game has been slowly building with phased land sales, the introduction of VoxEdit, and Game Maker tools. Anyone can become a landowner and anyone can create their own NFTs and mini-games. No coding is required. With such a rich value proposition, it was evident that the Sandbox is going to make it big.

The project has however seen delays. We were promised that there will be a Launch Event in Q1 2021. However, this has been postponed to later 2021 until it met the level of quality we are striving to achieve.

Things have now start progressing. I can see that game makers are submitting their games. These games can now be played in the Game Maker and sometimes get rewarded. The Sandbox has upped its marketing game. This means the launch is near. Let us look into few things which have happened in The Sandbox recently:

Till now, The Sandbox has over 65 partnerships. This includes Avenged Sevenfold, Atari, Care Bears, CryptoKitties, The Smurfs, to name a few.

Popular musicians (Richie Hawtin and deadmau5) coming to The Sandbox

The Sandbox would collaborate with the two artists to create unique digital landscapes for live shows. The artists will also hand out with the community in the virtual space and have fun. Richie Hawtin will also focus on collaboration with other artists and plans to bring all his projects under one roof.

New features introduced:


The Sandbox recently introduced Avatars. The avatars are customizable using a tool (looks, skin colors, etc) and will represent the players. As a player, you will be playing with an avatar that represents you in the metaverse.

Chat bubbles:

The image you are in a group talk. You can hear everybody. To talk individually, you will have to get into a separate room with the participants. In a metaverse, your avatars can be in the same space, but they need to walk towards you and come to your vicinity to be able to chat. This is more realistic and ensures that you only hear people who are the closest.


Each LAND offers a huge area to cover. To make sure you don’t lose your way around while playing, they have implemented a mini-map. The compass will guide you through your experiences and provide you with enough contextual information to navigate the worlds of The Sandbox. On the compass, you will see your position inside the current LAND as well as the type of LANDs that are next to it.

Partnership with My Neighbour Alice

My Neighbour Alice was recently introduced in Binance Launchpool and it became very popular. 3 characters of the game will be introduced in The Sandbox.

·        Alice (Legendary) – 200 copies

·        Hae-Won (Epic) - 400 copies

·        The Frog (Rare) – 600 copies

This is a community-building exercise and you will have to perform certain tasks to be eligible for the NFTs. The NFTs are distributed randomly across Alice and The Sandbox social media channels.

The Holly Voxels Art Drop

Holly Voxel takes original famous artworks and replicates them into Voxel-Based artworks. The artworks are extremely detailed and follow months of preparation. The process includes creating a custom color palette, create a color map, create a canvas with correct voxel dimensions in VoxEdit, convert the color map to the canvas, add voxels and finally create a frame. This collection breaks the barriers of voxel-based NFTs and introduces a unique type of Voxel-Based artwork in the metaverse.

Did you know that Phase 1 of the latest Summer Sale sold out in 3 seconds? Yes, 3 seconds. This shows the amount of traction, The Sandbox is generating, I will continue to write further updates regarding the project in another article. The Sand Token is pretty cheap currently and it makes complete sense to get into it, looking at the bigger potential of the project (This is only my opinion and not financial advice)

You can join Sandbox using the below link.

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