The Mother of All Blankos Updates

Things are heating up in the Blankos universe as we quickly approach a major update coming to the game on June 2nd. This update includes: Revamping the Blankos Junction, new quests, new ways to level up, more challenges, and finally something many players have been waiting for, Blanko MashUPs where you can mix two Blankos to create a new colorway. 

There is one more update that I’m even more excited about. The redesign to the Play-to-Earn features. Blankos Block Party is a free to play game and you are given a free red Blanko called “Loaner” to start your journey. Prior to this update coming June 2nd it was only possible to earn some nice accessories (hats, glasses, and jetpacks) for playing the game. But now once this update is rolled out players will be able to really Play-to-Earn their very own Blanko NFTs. This is a big step forward for Mythical Games and Blankos Block Party.

In addition to all these updates there will also be a Soft Reset. On June 2nd the Moola earned, items purchased with Moola, items earned through quests, Blankos levels, and Blankos skill trees WILL BE RESET. There is one more big reset coming on June 2nd, all unboxed Blankos will be REBOXED! 🤯 If only I knew ahead of time…

Latest Blankos NFT Drop

On May 26th @ 6pm EST Mythical Games dropped a brand new Blanko NFT called Pirate Ivar Matlow designed by Jon-Paul Keiser. This is the first time that a limited issue Blanko has been released, with only 2,000 issues. The Ivar Matlow NFT sold out in under 2 hours illustrating that the demand for these Blanko NFTs is rapidly growing. 

Usually Blankos are released and kept in the game store for days or even weeks before being removed forever, minting only the amount purchased over that period of time. Most Blanko NFT mints range between 2,000 and 5,000 which takes days/weeks in sales to achieve. Watching the pirate NFT sell out in under 2 hours is very exciting news for all Blankos collectors around the world.

Marketplace Alpha Release

Last but not least, the day we have all been waiting for is finally here. The release of the Marketplace (Alpha) on June 7th. The Alpha Marketplace will only be accessed by a lucky few chosen players based on their game activity and in-game store history. I am very happy to have been one of the fortunate few invited to try it out. The Marketplace is where players and collectors alike will be able to buy, sell, and trade their Blanko NFTs. Although Blanko NFTs are on an EOSIO chain It is important to mention that Mythical Games has chosen to accept Ethereum (ETH) as the currency for payment in the marketplace. NFTs have seen an explosion of adoption on the Ethereum blockchain so it seems natural for Mythical Games to start there. It is also worth mentioning that many OG Blankos players are EOS holders and supporters and hope that eventually Mythical Games considers including EOS for payment in the Marketplace as well. 

Blankos Block Party is currently in “Season 0 Open Beta” and this is when most new players joined the game and started their collection but there were a lot of Blankos that came before the open beta release of the game. 

Prior Blanko NFT Releases

There was the SXSW2019 Exclusive drop (including limited physical cards with QR), the Special Pre Beta drop, the Founders Edition drop, and the Private Beta drop. For those collectors and players that missed out on all of those drops the Marketplace is almost here.

Final Thoughts

This is by far the biggest update we’ve seen in Blankos Block Party and it's almost here. I’m personally very excited for the Blanko MashUPs, the new Play-to-Earn updates and most of all the release of the Marketplace. It is great to see the demand for Blankos growing fast and I can’t wait to see where the game and NFTs go from here.

My Blankos Collection

Major Update Teaser Trailer:

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