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It's hard to stay still and not FOMO sell when prices soar. Truth is you never know for sure where the price will go next.

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Thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences with us. Awesome article.

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In some sense, this is not the worst advice and a something of an exception to the rule in the space "buy and never worry". In the Alice-in-Wonderland world of crypto, it is significantly better than the "Technical" analysts, many of whom have come from the nutty world of retail FX trading, since they are similar... I coin it here "Structured Guessing". Using these sorts of "techniques" you can even watch butterflies and occasionally be right about their flight paths. Perhaps this could even be a new coin: BFLYSG

There are more folks from the professional investing world migrating into this space. Money attracts. Most of them probably know better, but, to repeat: money attracts, and attracts absolutely.

But what we have here is, again, one of the hoards of people who have no experience in the world of investing/trading/pricing/risk, let alone the interplay with economies and econometrics. And, however relatively sensible the remarks are compared to the masses of self-made crypto analysts, this commentary is pure guesswork.

The existence of any basis for these assertions (except an effective only-yesterday existence in terms of crypto's life) is entirely absent apart from "everybody is doing it".

I hereby christen this category of analysis: EIDI. No need to spell it out. Just say things like: "given this upward EIDI trend over the last month, we expect a downturn soon and then followed by a probable geometric increase in EIDI". There could even be new curve behaviors named EIDI-increase, EIDI wobbles, head-and-shoulders EIDI, sideways EIDI persisting...

Any other former advisors to Nancy Pelosi (of whom I'm a fan) and writers in the space: adoption to use EIDI nomenclature is royalty-free.

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What you wrote makes sense. I am against people investing the money they need. Because investment does not always bring profit. Investing money that you need affects your psychology badly. And with a bad psychology, it is very difficult to earn on the crypto market. Requires great luck.

I myself very rarely make a profit. I'm evaluating a token-coin I bought if it makes 500-600%. I'm selling a quantity if it doesn't have the potential. Otherwise, I'm waiting. I'm in no hurry. It is very important to think healthy.

It's also very important that you have a strategy. You must have a good or bad roadmap. Otherwise, you will be blown away in the wind.

Thanks for the nice article.

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What you have written is very important. I agree with you about taking profit, we should not sell it in projects we trust unless we have to.

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