Violet Garden: Truly Decentralized Social Media

The impact of social media in daily life is both an enigma and marvel. Blockchain technology may soon be regarded in the same way. Combining the two presents clear advantages.

The looming question: What’s the best course? 

Violet Garden has a working solution. The community is witnessing something special in the team’s aggressive development approach. Leading innovation also remains central to the effort.

EOS mainnet transaction speeds, nimble development, and battle-tested technology offers boundless potential. The About the Developer section (below) offers insight into a self-fulfilling mission.


To create a healthier social media experience with aligned financial incentives for users, token holders, and enterprises.


Leverage the full potential of EOS.IO and the EOS mainnet in developing a trust-less, decentralized social media platform


EOS architect (Daniel Larimer) and top token holding entity (B1) both rallied behind social media with blockchain at its core. 

Dan upholds his conviction for the need of an EOS-based social media platform. He recently used Violet Garden as an example when asked about how to enhance value on EOS:

Building a community with good governance and trust that app devs can leverage. on Eden is a good start. Then insurance


B1 and Voice became overly consumed by other initiatives. They’re no longer in a position to deliver on the type of social media experience that EOS needs, and certainly not in a suitable amount of time. 

In terms of B1, managing both Voice and Bullish while tackling regulatory pressures would be a challenge for any organization. As for Voice, somewhere along the line NFTs and art dominated its focus to the point that written conversations disappeared from the platform. 

Now more than ever, the EOS community needs a dedicated social platform. Violet Garden already has an active, growing community. The team is comprised of individuals who’ve taken it upon themselves to add value specifically for the EOS mainnet. Funding has been requested to deliver on early mainnet promises that precede Violet Garden’s inception.


Eden members can access Violet Garden now. Simply login with Anchor. New posts are published daily by core developers, token holders, and creative minds. Additional funding will open Violet Garden to the whole EOS community. 


The future will be driven by communities- that’s an understatement. From the advent of social media to modern politics, communities even drive news mediums.

Why the focus on community? People guiding technology results in a happier existence. Pomelo, a recently launched quadratic crowdfunding platform, greatly advances this paradigm.

Each new project donation on Pomelo dually acts as a weighted vote. This shifts the funding pool to more closely match the community’s choice. It ensures that the ones who use, support, and develop are all behind newly funded projects.

If you’re keen on using an EOS-based social media platform, the opportunity to effect change may never present itself this powerfully again.


I strive to fulfill Dan's original vision for Voice and more.

        - John Williamson

Even the non-developer community will enjoy John Williamson’s post on Approaching state changes in dApps. Below are a few words from an individual worthy of the title ‘diehard EOS developer’:

...Blockchain app developers enjoy lots of luxuries... one of the challenges is fetching and handling app data...

…It's tempting to have a direct sync between the Blockchain and app server…The that you're no longer going to the source ...and relying on a middle man...that can fail…

...but EOS is quick, really quick, and I believe a good experience...demonstrates the true power of EOS.IO...

It's comforting knowing that the future of the mainnet is being built with EOS’ core philosophy intact. 

Visit Violet Garden to track the progress of development. Reading through the rest of John’s updates, you’ll come to know just how dedicated his team and Violet Garden are to both EOS and Eden. 


To donate and vote to EOS’ most promising social media dapp, visit the VIOLET GARDEN APPLICATION ON POMELO. Remember, each new vote adds to the funding drawn from the pool.

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