Great article my friend :)

Bullish exchange will shift the game for EOS holders in the near future when it is officially launched later in 2021. We are closing to the end of this sideways movement in EOS that has been going on for 3 years and it already had its toll on many OG EOS investors.

If you notice the big media outlets are starting to give some attention to Bullish including Financial Times and Bloomberg which is a good sign indicating that institutional investors have put Bullish and EOS on their radar to invest in when they are 100% sure that Bullish is launched successfully. In fact that day is very close to us since BlockOne launched Bullish exchange pilot test two days ago which means the real launch date is very close.

Also, recently, the common FUDs around BlockOne were getting debunked. First they said BlockOne was not doing anything and just stole investors ICO money. Then it got debunked when Bullish exchange was announced and the promising features it will have and how EOS blockchain will be used for cryptographic validation of transactions using EOS public block chain. Moreover, prominent billionaire investors are backing and funding Bullish including Peter Thiel, Alan Howard, Louis Bacon, Richard Li, Mike Novogratz, Christian Angermayer, and Nomura.

Second FUD about BlockOne purchasing tokens on the primary market was debunked after Clifford Chance LLP supported by PwC Hong Kong and DMG Blockchain Solutions released a report stating that BlockOne was not engaged in any activity either involving intentionally purchased tokens by any means during the token sale or entered into any arrangements with third parties to do so on their behalf.

Overall, The fundamentals are looking great for EOS. FUD is gone. Technical Analysis indicates strong continuation of the bullish trend that started earlier this year, towards new all time high.

Thank you again for the great article. keep it up I enjoy your videos and articles :)

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The simpler it is the more chance that it will attract more users. It applies everywhere, not just Google or Amazon if you look at most of the popular things, they are simple to use. We can also refer to volume of Bitcoin, before the known crypto markets it was not easy to buy and sell Bitcoin but now the transaction is one click away even in our mobile phones. There are many factors that had impact on the price of Bitcoin, but I believe accessibility is one of them.

I think the time of DeFis didn't come yet, considering their volume and the reasons stated in the article. However, they promise us a better future, and I believe we will see it soon or later.

I would love to see EOS participating in the improvements of DeFi and attracting more users in terms of simplicity. Bullish has a lot to accomplish.

Thank you for the article, and before you say it, GO EOS!

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There may be negative thoughts about crypto.

Since they do not have much knowledge, they defend these ideas by envying the money in the pockets of others.

I think someday they will be a strong crypto supporter.

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A subject that I am also interested in, and even intend to do as a profession: User Interface and User Experience.

That's why I want to start here. It is true that the interfaces have not been simplified enough and have not yet become more comfortable for users to operate.

However, DeFi projects are still just saplings. They are growing and developing day by day. Their future is sure to be bright and very clear. Therefore, the interfaces that we naturally criticize at the moment will become the optimum benefit of the end user, no doubt.

I believe a lot in EOS and Bullish too. Projects that excite me. I'm sure they will climb the steps one by one.

And certainly, EOS related projects are leading the way to the future.

Thanks for this great article. :)

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I mentioned it in some of my comments. One of the most important things in cryptos is potential. And we see in this article that this rate is very low.

People buy crypto, maybe for investment, maybe for showing off, maybe just to spend money. But people who really know their potential are winning.

The DeFi wind is still going on. I personally think it will continue for a long time. And I expect it to grow.

My thoughts about EOS are also very positive. What I especially like about EOS is that it can't even predict its own potential. He's pretty quick to solve his problems. I think it will be a very comfortable success.

Thanks for the article.

I read it very fondly.

Have a nice day.

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defi projects rose wildly last year, then nfts came out, this time nft-themed coins rose, but I'm sure the rise will come to defi projects again.

Eos is the coin that most deserves to rise this year, because I follow closely, I say that there is no other team that works this much.

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16%? I don't think I know it myself. The crypto world is like an endless well. The more I investigate, the deeper I realize it is. So I think I'm 86%.

I don't know what Elon Musk is trying to do. He takes it to the sky, puts it in the ground. It's all for their own benefit. I don't believe in the sincerity of rich cryptocurrencies. I think their only thoughts are themselves. Getting richer is their only goal. They're wasting everyone on this road. I don't know what they're gonna do with all that money.

Thank you for the beautiful article. What you've written is causing me new things.

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The cryptocurrencies and DEFI ecosystem are definitely at the beginning of the road.

it is not yet simplified enough for the end user.

There is still a lot of confusion for the casual crypto investor.

This also applies to the institutional investor.

The crypto ecosystem is still far from its potential.

As you said, inter-blockchain communication is the future of this system.

I believe developments in the eos mainnet are focused on solving these issues and this is a huge undertaking for eos.

I think a real eos bull season is not far away.

Thanks for your great article.

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Thanks Crypto Apologist.

In EOS we trust!

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I believe in Defi will grow back really fast cause Defi aims at peeps satisfaction of trading too which is really important after many population will jump in Crypto and I am really Bullish because of these things

EOS is the Future and i am really happy that i have invested in EOS in the last dip Of May

If all the people gets educated about Crypto then i can believe that FUD's can't separate us in the upcoming times too !!

Thanks for an amazing Article :)

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DeFi platforms and cryptocurrencies are still on the way.

It is still complicated and tiring situations for the investor who has just entered the market.

With the use of the Internet in every home, its use has increased at a much higher rate than before.

Cryptocurrencies, and therefore DeFi platforms, are slowly starting to show themselves in the world community.

One of our biggest shortcomings is the lack of a structure that educates people about this technology or the market. Some view this technology as theft, some as gambling. We must quickly increase the number of people with this potential, some of them realizing the situation.

Thank you for the article and information :)

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It continues to be a great development, the EOS ecosystem is growing as they grow. Bullish days are very close.

Thank you for the great article.

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If we can get more volume to DeFi on EOS, things are gonna blow up for sure. We need more adoption, EOS is capable of supporting it.

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Anyone who will start a day by reading the crypto market article or by logging in late. In the face of this situation, those who remain among the audience and those who implement it in the future will be very upset. :)

A platform that will be accepted as the new order and currency, where everyone can pay with one click... I am like a bull in the world.

Of course, there are also moneyed men like Elon Musk, it's not nice to play the markets for his own benefit, but Adam is rich :) we hope you have to earn money to earn something, he gets what he pays.

It is believed that if the markets can be played with, it will have a basis in the future. EOS will show in the future. The “crypto runner DeFi” mentioned in your post will show you the EOS mainnet and the crypto market in general.

Thank you for this excellent explanatory article. See you in a new article. Have nice day.

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