What's Holding EOS Back From Mainstream NFT Adoption?

While the NFT revolution is certainly here, and EOS is well positioned to take advantage (just look at Wax), it’s disappointing to report that there are several matters holding EOS back from realising its potential and becoming a leader in mainstream NFT adoption.


First is signing up to get an EOS wallet. The process is not free or straight forward. To register an address a small amount of EOS is required to fund the transaction. As such, if a new user wants to create a wallet, they must have a friend send EOS to a what feels like a random account, deposit EOS from an exchange, or pay a fee to a third party such as Wombat. This is a colossal barrier to entry that I have no doubt turns thousands away from the platform every year.

Ease of use 

Second, many transactions require the user to pay a fee. This, while not ideal, is an accepted part of many blockchain ecosystems and not offensive in and of itself. What is a significant hindrance however, is the non-user-friendly system of needing CPU, NET and/or RAM, depending on what function you are performing. To the uninitiated, these processes are a complete mystery and without guidance can be very costly, time consuming and frustrating. For an NFT market like AtomicHub to flourish on EOS, transaction errors and complex transaction mechanisms should not be commonplace.


Finally, the world’s most widely used operating system, Android, does not have an EOS wallet fit for Atomic Hub. Unlike Apple users who can access Greymass’ Anchor, the best wallet for the NFT-loving Android user is Wombat, which is designed more for gaming and does not feature anything even approaching the functionality of advanced browsers such as Chrome or Brave. While Greymass are on their way to releasing an Android version of Anchor, and Wombat can do most of the basics, the growth of NFTs on EOS will continue to be limited until a better solution becomes widely available.

The Bottom Line

To contrast what I assure you is friendly feedback and conclude, it must be highlighted that EOS is clearly coming leaps and bounds in the NFT space, with AtomicHub and companies such as Writer leading the charge

While it’s likely growth will persist at an ever increasing pace, it will continue to be stymied until the user experience on EOS is enhanced. 

EOS community funding for Greymass, and projects like their new Anchor beta for Android are the first steps in the right direction.

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