I totally agree that impatient people always lose, this has been proven in many fields, forward-thinking people research and know how to be patient, so they are closer to winning. I think this opportunity should be seized. Otherwise, I believe such an opportunity will come late and bitcoin will rise above its former momentum.

Thanks for the article.

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I want to talk about my friends.

Almost all of them told me to buy it when Bitcoin was above 50k.

Now bitcoin 34k. But the only difference is that those who say I should buy it no longer say it.

I, as a bitcoin investor (I also bought between 30k and 50k), ask them why I should buy it then and not now.

People still don't know much about this technology.

The two things that govern them are "FOMO and FUD" .

My personal opinion is that a person who will invest in Bitcoin should first believe in Bitcoin.

The same as me. Then I think we'll achieve something.

As before, we will now see that Bitcoin will exceed these levels very comfortably.


Thanks for the article.

Have a nice day.

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Def a good time to buy, but a hard time to sell.

I think a lot can come out of this hard time in crypto.

Let’s just be positive and make smart moves

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Bitcoin has been a little manipulated and a little volatile this year, which has given people some fear. In order to rise again, my opinion it's needs to get rid of these reputations. And It needs to gain quality to rise to real currency.

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100% agree with You Sylvian

People were waiting for the Prices to go down so they will have a opportunity to buy the BTC but know when BTC is in between 30-35K they don't Wanna buy it just because it has fall from 65K..

I can't understand the mentality what some people have

When they get a opportunity they just leaves it and afterwards when Price's are at heights they start crying that they should have bought it when it was low.

And in this time Whales are the one who Starts buying more and more because they know and understand market and the other people just sits and drink a coffee thinking when they can be a Whale in Crypto Market 😂

The people's who don't have patience and can't hodl just losse in every way.

{ Sorry if You didn't like any of my words. If I did any mistake please correct me i will try to not to make that mistake again}

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Great article, I believe in the 30k to 40k bounce for another month or so, accumulate accumulate!!

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You should always try to seize a Bitcoin buying opportunity, your future self will be grateful.

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This climate of fear in the crypto world punishes the short-term ones. They really don't know how to be patient. I think you should not miss this opportunity. It is very clear that Bitcoin is now gaining worldwide acceptance. Cryptocurrencies are promising by increasing and facilitating our living standards.

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Be greedy when everyone else is afraid. be afraid when everyone is greedy.

I guess that was the promise.

I am not sure

But I hope you understand what I mean.

There will always be a good opportunity to invest in Bitcoin.

right now this may be the best of opportunities.

we must not forget that

Bitcoin is now the focus of institutional investors.

States began to accept it as their official currency.

everything will keep changing so fast

The Bitcoin revolution has gained serious followers.

very good opportunity to enter the market

just trust technology and bitcoin

keep taking

This is your investment in your future.

And let's not forget that even for a bear market, the bottom we call the bottom is not that deep anymore.

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If you examine the market conditions well, there are always opportunities to involve in both BTC and other alts. Patience is always the key that leads to force. I hope one day all of us will stay with force. Thanks for the article!

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The motto for Bitcoin buying that all should live by is Be greedy when others are fearful, and be fearful when others are greedy. I respect this motto when it comes to BTC and some other select cryptocurrencies and in these ones I feel like you can't go wrong when practicing this motto. On the other hand with some really shady/shitty cryptocurrencies this motto could destroy you. But I don't believe that is the case with BTC.

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Always a pleasure to read ur thorough and detailed articles. Indeed good time to buy. If it dips, buy the next dip also then let it rest :)

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I think Btc fell because the pandemic is nearing its end. People needed money in the summer, and when the pandemic subsided, they took their money knowing the opportunity. Large companies and manipulations have also been quite effective. It's an emerging technology and I think it will come to a good place no matter what. Because it's really promising. Thanks for this beautiful post

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