When You Feel Like Selling, Think About Why You HODL Bitcoin

Getting back to the why of Bitcoin will help you stay strong in times of doubt.

Written by Sylvain Saurel - In Bitcoin We Trust

You started buying Bitcoin because of the potential for big profits. I'm not saying this to throw stones, since the vast majority of people buy Bitcoin for this reason initially.

Over time, you continued to learn by trying to understand the why of Bitcoin.

You discovered that the current monetary and financial system instituted de facto by Richard Nixon in August 1971, was incredibly unfair. This system sidelines hundreds of millions of people around the world while making the rest of the world pay for the American standard of living.

This is the famous exorbitant privilege of the American dollar.

Bitcoin offers a solution to a fiat system that is flawed and not fixable

The ability given to central bankers to print as much fiat money out of thin air as they deem necessary is also a monumental problem. It is constantly impoverishing the majority of the world's inhabitants for the benefit of the ultra-rich, while at the same time promoting the wars that America has been waging around the world for decades.

Since money can be created infinitely, it is obviously easier to finance wars that never end.

The goal is always the same for America: to be sure to keep its hegemony over the world. After understanding all this, you decided to become a Bitcoin HODLer.

Since Bitcoin exists in limited quantities, this problem of constant wars would be largely solved. With a Bitcoin standard, it wouldn't be so easy to fight wars all the time. You have begun to understand that despite all the criticism of Bitcoin by the powerful people at the head of the current system, millions of people around the world are already using Bitcoin as a plan A in their daily lives.

Bitcoin means hope for a better world

For people living on the African continent, Bitcoin is synonymous with hope. It allows them to access basic banking services. Bitcoin is an inclusive system that helps millions of people. In a few years, it will help billions of people.

By becoming a Bitcoin HODLer no matter what, you are supporting a system that will help build a better world for the future.

You are aware of all this, but now and then you let your greed surface. You see that the price of Bitcoin is entering a bullish rally that is taking its price into previously unexplored territory. You begin to look at the price of Bitcoin in U.S. dollars daily in a frenzy.

You see your wealth in U.S. dollars jumping incredibly.

This is largely due to the weakness of the U.S. dollar against a Bitcoin that is the hardest money in the world. So you make the mistake of thinking in the fiat system again. You think that you could sell your Bitcoin and profit from it in the fiat system.

This is indeed your right.

You are tempted to sell your Bitcoin to take profits in U.S. dollars

However, you must understand that you have absolutely no interest in selling your Bitcoin for U.S. dollars. The value of the U.S. dollar has been falling for 50 years. With the great monetary inflation that we have been experiencing for several months now, it will only get worse.

What's the point of selling the hardest money in the world for a weak currency that keeps falling in value?

There is no point in doing that. When the price of Bitcoin crashes, you start to doubt it again. What if I had made the mistake of not selling my Bitcoin to take profits before its price crashed permanently.

In my opinion, this is when you need to react and remember why you decided to become a Bitcoin HODLer. Your goal was never to get rich quickly, but rather to have total control over your money. By selling your Bitcoin, you will lose the power it gives you.

You'll be back in the fiat system with all the risks that entail on the fruits of your labor.

Remember why you HODL Bitcoin, and you will make the right choice for your future

It's a decision you'll regret sooner or later in the future. We are only at the beginning of the Bitcoin revolution and its price will continue to rise phenomenally. The goal is to accumulate as much BTC as possible over the next few years so that you can save your money for the day when Bitcoin's mass adoption reaches the unit of account stage.

At the same time, the goal is to support a monetary revolution that is building a better world for millions of people around the world. Once you refocus on the Bitcoin revolution and its purpose, you will quickly come to your senses: you have no interest in selling your Bitcoin.

In fact, I'm sure you'll do what I and other Bitcoiners are doing: you'll take every opportunity to accumulate more BTC.


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