Where Is All The XRP Crypto Art?

Confessions of a Crypto Art Collector

I have a confession to make: I LOVE Bitcoin.

My Twitter handle is @BitcoinMadame. I have a giant picture of ‘The Architect - Satoshi Nakamoto’ by Trevor Jones on my wall. The Bitcoin white paper is above my desk. In my bedroom, hangs ‘Bitcoin Bitch’ by Miss AL Simpson.

My screensaver is the iconic ‘Bitcoin Angel’ by Trevor Jones. These plus various other Bitcoin-related images are scattered throughout the house by artists such as Josie Bellini, Lucho Poletti, Pr1mal Cypher and Tom Badley.

I joke with friends that I had to start collecting crypto art because I ran out of space for physical art on my walls. As someone who lives and breathes Bitcoin, there is no shortage of art to feed my passion for collecting.

Similar story with Ethereum. If Bitcoin art is dignified, Ethereum art is sexy. I have several ETH-inspired pieces in my collection including ‘Forward Together Ethereum Edition’ by Josie Bellini and ‘Let’s Play’ by Kitty Bast.

I’ve lost count of the number of times people have offered to buy this Josie piece. It is not for sale!

But for anyone who knows me, these revelations will come as no surprise.

Now for my real confession: I love XRP almost as much as I love Bitcoin!

But where is all the XRP crypto art? I do own a small handful of XRP pieces by some little-known artists including ‘Xrpmoon aka Ripple Moon’ by Crypto Earning Art, ‘XRP Neon Glitch’ by Poolio and my favourite, ‘XRP Girl on Scorpion’ by ParumPara. You can find art for most of the main cryptos on her Rarible account.

Most of the time, however, XRP art is derogatory to Ripple, XRP, or HODLers. Like this example, simply entitled ‘XRP’ by Dubai Camel available on Rarible.

Perhaps it’s because the XRP Army doesn't want to spend their crypto on high gas fees for art on the Ethereum blockchain that their needs are not being fully met?

Maybe they're waiting patiently for the much-anticipated launch of digital art marketplace 888 The New World www.888tnw.com  in August. Powered by the Flare Network, 888tnw is built to be highly scalable enabling 1,000s of transactions per second with average minting costs of less than $1. Add to this the fact that Flare transactions use less than 1% of the energy consumption of the Ethereum blockchain. As if that wasn't incentive enough, the new FlareStealth Metaverse will boast exceptional graphics and flying cars.

With Flare’s ecosystem promising smart contracts, transaction fees at a fraction of other network’s costs, ultra-low carbon emissions, and a state-of-the-art Metaverse, I remain optimistic that the XRP Army are holding fire on NFTs and are keeping their guns loaded.

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