I think the internet will be one of the most important forces reducing the role of the state.

Overall, Bitcoin has cornered private companies and governments to innovate in electronic payments.

In this direction, counter moves and propaganda have developed and it is clear that the winner is Bitcoin.

over time all

private companies, governments and people will believe that Bitcoin is freedom

You may have witnessed many records being destroyed accidentally or intentionally before.

Bitcoin completely eliminates this in its decentralized network. This means you are completely free.

For example, you are in the following position in a structure with central authority.

For example, you have earned your money, your money is in the central banking system, we are in this situation, there is a person at the top and our money is in his hands, he can change or destroy it as he pleases. .

Nobody wants this to happen, so this privilege that Bitcoin provides is very important.

Get on the innovation ship now or you won't find it on the ground in the future.

Thanks for the article.

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What Does Decentralization Provide?

The concept of decentralization, with the blockchain and Bitcoin, whose foundations were laid much earlier and entered our lives with the creation of the initial block by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, also found a place on our agenda. In this article, we have summarized in this article what is decentralization or decentralization or decentralization, which means in its most basic and simple form, distribution of responsibility, not being managed from a single center, why it is important and examples of real-life applications.

The decentralization of the blockchain means that it is not directly connected to a central element such as a government, company, individual or organization, and the decision-making and control mechanism is distributed over a network. In this way, no one has authority and control over the network and the transactions of the individuals using the network.

Decentralization is not a stand-alone structural feature of the Bitcoin blockchain. It is included in the classification used in network architecture in the software world as centralized, decentralized and distributed. For example, although the blockchain itself is a decentralized structure, a developed blockchain application can have both a distributed and decentralized architecture.

Let's also talk about the benefits and advantages of the blockchain, which is considered a technological revolution as much as the internet itself, and the decentralized structure of Bitcoin, which provides a financial transformation.

The necessity of a central element has also emerged because it provides trust and controls at some point. With blockchain, no one needs to know and trust anyone else. Everyone involved in the blockchain will have a distributed ledger with the same transaction record. Even if only one person's ledger, that is, the data in the blockchain software on his computer, is tampered with or is cyber-attacked, this change can be rejected by the majority of the members of the network because everyone else has the same records.

Again indirectly, for this reason, vulnerabilities arising from being connected to certain components in central structures are reduced, and interruptions such as problems and system failures are eliminated.

In the blockchain, every data is shared and visible in real time. This saves time in workflows and data reconciliations.

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Sylvain, i love your writings buddy.

I agree that cryptocurrency is effective against money censorship but unfortunately it can be simply manipulated. Someone is tweeting and millions of people are losing money I think that's the real problem that needs to be solved

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There are many advantages as well as various risks of using Bitcoin. Low risk of inflation and collapse, being simple, reliable and untraceable* (anonymous) are among its main advantages. An important advantage of Bitcoin is that money transfers are safer, cheaper and faster compared to traditional methods. You can access your Bitcoins worth millions of lira from anywhere you can access your wallet. There is no way to carry such large amounts of money with cash or any other method so easily. The fact that the transactions made and your account balance are not known or controlled by any person/persons, government or bank also provides some advantages.

Bitcoin is not affiliated with any government or central bank. As with traditional coins, there is no precious metal such as gold in return. It is not a physically printed currency value. Bitcoin is a system that is completely produced virtually and has a mathematical formula on its basis. This mathematical formula is open to everyone and anyone who wants can join this system. Every individual involved in the Bitcoin miner system strengthens the security of the system.

It is a necessary system to ensure the production of Bitcoin and to establish the continuity and security of the blockchain system.

Since the beginning, mining with many different devices has led to the emergence of innovations that will bring more profit in this field due to the increasing competitive environment. But this problem can be solved with Bitcoin migration.

Mining is basically adding new blocks to the system by decrypting cryptography ciphers. Decryption of passwords depends on the processor capacity of the computer and the length of the password. Miners are rewarded with Bitcoin through blocks created by decrypting them.

The increase in the number of miners and the system allowing the production of a block in only 10 minutes has put mining in a difficult position to profit. In addition, although the limited number of Bitcoins is a factor that negatively affects mining, it prevents the formation of inflation in the Bitcoin currency.

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one more proof of why we should buy bitcoin

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Thanks for this great clear explanation.

you should turn to bitcoin and similar digital assets to save you from financial censorship.

Now you can do it of your own free will.

Or you may have to do this in the future.

Early admission is always an advantage.

yes, my dream is for decentralized social networks to enter our lives as soon as possible.

especially if you live in a third world country, you always have a fear of banning social networks.

States and governments use this threat all the time.

but if you have a decentralized social network, your freedom is in your hands.

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Unfortunately, as someone who lives in Turkey, I understand very well what you are saying.

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It provides total transparency in most cases. I enjoy watching youtube videos of SomeOrdinaryGamers & CoffeeZilla reporting on scams. FazeClan and Save the Kids.

No one can hide!

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Decentralization. Printing unrequited money. These are the powers held by heads of state. Thanks to them, they hold power. But they restrict the freedom of the people.

That's where bitcoin comes in. He comes and takes that power and puts it in the hands of the people. It can't be restricted. Everyone expresses their opinion. Prevents unfair distribution of income. The people who run the world don't like it. That's the obstacle to bitcoin. He has a great people who support him, but he faces heads of state and people with great power.

Thanks for the nice post. I hope the world is a fair place.

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Bitcoin's ability to resist censorship has a necessary security assumption as honest mining is more profitable than dishonest mining.

For this to sustain true censorship, the honest economy must face enough resistance to ensure that dishonest behavior and censorship are unsustainable. This can be achieved by consuming the attacker's investment capital by minimizing the mining reward or maximizing the mining cost. While it is not possible to prove one way or another whether dishonest mining can be overcome, I will outline some factors that can give honest miners an advantage in resisting censorship and promoting the sustainability of honest mining.

Bitcoin is a designed coin. Its design is unique in that any interested participant can join or leave the consensus on a voluntary basis without having to obtain permission from any authority. It offers monetary properties superior to Old State coins. For example, bitcoins are impossible to counterfeit or arbitrarily devalue, and very difficult to confiscate. There is no other currency that offers such freedom today, so it is not surprising that there are many people who are interested in protecting the value proposition even though others may feel threatened by it.

Is Bitcoin designed to withstand disaster.

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1000% Agree With You

I never support centralization

When i was a teenager i always thought that will there be anything that will overcome this all centralization process in each and every platform and in 2015 i got the Answer "Yes" just because of crypto i was introduced to a very new beginning of my career or life maybe and that was BTC the whole project ( Now Emotion :) ) based on Decentralized Blockchain and After that i started to go deep into Decentralized Blockchain Technology and found that this is the thing which can solve the problem of centralization and A Ownership of this world on a specific thing

Thanks for the awesome Article Sylvain

Bitcoin ❤️ ❤️

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You gave a very good example of a central monetary system. Social platforms. This number of users, which is increasing day by day and astonishing, is gathered in a single center. For Twitter or Facebook. Central authority is not a good thing, it is always a situation where someone has the upper hand. All user agreements are reserved to them. Legally, we have no supremacy. So why should the monetary system be centralized when even this situation is uncomfortable? Decentralized systems are difficult to manage by bad people and cannot be used for other purposes.

That's why we need structures that use Blockchain technology like bitcoin. Perhaps in the future, decentralized social platforms will emerge using Blockchain technology and there will be a virtual world where everyone is free and unrestricted. I hope these dreams come true one day. It's not far away right now, but it's not right next to us either.

Thanks Sylvain for the valuable article and information.

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Since Bitcoin is a virtual cryptocurrency, it actually has many advantages against money censorship. In this currency, people can transfer directly between their own accounts. This can reduce commission costs to almost zero since there is no middleman. Especially recently, since BTC has gained value against all tangible currencies, this currency has started to be seen as an investment tool. For this reason, it has reached an incredible market volume in recent years. The most important of these is its decentralization, which actually makes it a weapon. Bitcoin is not controlled by any government, bank or authority. That's why users actually prefer this cryptocurrency in a way. In the period we live in, all these transactions are bank-based. Cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, have managed to get out of this. The internet will gradually become decentralized and bitcoin will become an even more powerful weapon and people will get the freedom they want.

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This technology is now taking these transactions out of banks.

bitcoin is freedom

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Freedom. I think that's a lot of what a person needs. While there is something that can achieve this, people are still not investigating. They still don't know bitcoin.

Actually, there's the key that will open the lock. It just sits there. I think sharper innovations will change human thoughts. I mean, at least it should be.

Something that solves all sorts of problems should not be decried.

Thank you for the great article.

Have a nice day.

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Decentralization and blockchain will definitely help reaching more freedom, fighting censorship and granting people an access to financial emancipation. Nice read.

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Bitcoin = Freedom

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I agree mate !!

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Yes, decentralization and all of the utilities belong to Bitcoin are great. You get rid of your chains by deciding to leave ordinary technology behind.

However, I think we miss a point, because if we think the times before the modern world (I mean when humankind started to have consciousness) they weren't tied up by centralization. They were free to do anything, and they could do whatever they wanted. Therefore, they acknowledged that they hurt each other, then they started to believe in Leviathan, which led them to build civilization. They created the centralization by themselves, and it evolved through time.

It was a bit philosophical, and I definitely support idea of decentralization because nowadays governments and other organizations have power to control people, but what I mean is complete decentralization would bring nothing but harm. There has to be a regulatory regime that holds the power, and this regulatory regime should be formed by using the rights of people, I mean there shouldn't be a situation like powerful people can have more rights than other. The system should be formed by using decentralization but it should have the roots of centralization, otherwise there will be just chaos.

This article got me thinking, I hope I could explain myself. I strongly believe that Bitcoin or the technology behind Bitcoin will make our future better.

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