With Funding Solved New Users Find Solace in EOS Support 

A long time ago… that’s what it feels like having participated in the first EdenOnEOS trial election. Things happen fast on EOS and even faster now with the EOS Foundation and EdenOS/ClarionOS. Today, looking back on a day can feel like a week/month of work!

EdenOS on EOS ushers in the era of fractal democracy. It’s a construct only possible on a high-performant blockchain like the EOS mainnet.


Getting started on EOS is easy- well at least technically. Grasping the full implications and power of authorizing permissions of one’s own digital assets, that’s the challenge. Blockchain empowers individuals with financial networking on par with global banks and multinational corporations.

Onboarding new Bitcoiners (maximalists) seems easier than on EOS because they tend to be technical by nature. Computer professionals know first hand the liberties foregone when needing to ask admins of centralized servers permission to move even the smallest data packet.


EOSIO, the underlying technology of the EOS mainnet and other chains (e.g. Worldwide Asset Exchange [WAX]), makes possible a new world for the average person. It’s a world that still escapes Bitcoin, and Ethereum for that matter.

Free/near zero-cost transactions at a fraction of a second has profound meaning for decentralized applications. 

While other blockchains work toward building a micro-transaction layer, EOS is a battle-tested core solution. Ownership transfers, alterations, and minting new assets with speed and ease redefines both blockchain and the digital landscape. Action-oriented metaverses, those that allow P2P exchanges free of admin constraints, already exist on EOS/WAX. Digital asset ownership in virtual worlds expects to transform social media and how the world does business.


EdenOnEOS provides governance solutions for the virtual era. Elections videos are saved to the Interplanetary File Store (IPFS) and encoded onto Bitcoin blocks. This introduces a human aspect that governance has never before seen. I, along with the founders of eossupport.io (Randall and Joshua), took part in the very first trial of EdenOS technology.

Today I write to you, a new/prospective EOS community member, less than 24 hours before the first official election.


I met Randall in round one of the first trial election. Even then, he had a clear vision about how to grow EOS. One of his primary concerns was reiterated by Dario of how new users need protection from scammers (Telegram support just doesn’t cut it). During the team’s brief, high-octane journey, Joshua has been instrumental in laying the foundation and driving community engagement (e.g. dissecting More Equal Animals). Even the eyes of the first trialSatoshi are upon EOS Support.

Randall heads EOS Support. His early forum statements still ring loudly:

The goal of EOS support is to help the average user onboard into EOS without any difficulties.

Dario is a fixture at the Learning Center. He reiterated the need to thwart scammers and create a more hospitable, safe, and even joyful, onboarding experience.

Joshua tackles business philosophy and presentation. He’s putting the final touches on a Pitch Deck detailing the presentation for the election.

Chris Barnes consults the team contributing:

community building and transparency service

Focused Objectives

EOS Support is about getting EOS to a place where new users seamlessly transition from traditional web-based applications. Already on the project are 10 contributors and 25 supporters, of which I am among. Here’s a few key points taken directly from the election Pitch Deck:

  • Aims to be EOS’ official support

  • End EOS scams across social media platforms

  • Provide a safe environment for those who seek help

  • Coordinate guidelines and resources into one accessible location

  • Multilingual Live Help and a Learning Center

  • Scheduled appointments with EOS specialists

  • An EOS Support Bot

  • Hands-on with recognized EOS leaders

  • Opportunities and decent compensation for EdenOnEOS members

  • Only transact in EOS with an ultimate goal of mass adoption

I hold degrees in aviation, have learned to land an aircraft under NYC metro skies, and particularly took to corporate aviation. I say this because I know the value of a good concierge service.

Think about all that can go wrong during a flight. Recall those days before global digital networks- when you wouldn’t be surprised if your luggage flew thousands of miles without you. 

Now imagine the care with which general aviation travelers must contend. This is critical for blockchain networks because of imminent global transformation beyond mere digitization of the world's libraries onto server networks.


Two issues, funding and user onboarding, plagued EOS following the excitement of DAWN in 2018. Each chipped away at the heart of the community until only true believers and those technically savvy enough to know the mainnet’s potential remained. There’s a reason why the EOS Foundation distributes Recognition Grants.

Developer hearts already beat on foundational healing. Now EOS Support aggressively pursues new user issues. The team will establish more than easy onboarding. It will do much to establish the mainnet’s reputation, eyeing justice solutions and even an operational control and data tracking center. Few projects have committed the time and resources before the first ballot has been cast. 

Visit EOS Support to learn more. It’s a gateway to everything EOS (if you’re new to EOS, that was a take on one of the founders of the Foundation). Go EOS!

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