Aaron Cox and Daniel Larimer on the Future of EdenOS and EOS

In addition to Yves La Rose, Aaron Cox, and of course Daniel Larimer, arguably wield more influence over the EOS mainnet than anyone else. Even more so since the founding of the EOS Network Foundation, development of EdenOS / ClarionOS, and the distancing of B1.

Dan interviewed Aaron over the course of 50 minutes. A variety of topics were discussed. Most are mentioned within this article.


Aaron on Security. One really interesting idea from Aaron pertained to trusting dapp developers. He’s seriously considering a dapp security protocol independent of Anchor. Other wallets would be able to use the protocol so that users themselves can authenticate each dapp. This seems to be an integral solution for key security.

Dan on Functionality. Later in the discussion Dan emphasized usability and guiding ecosystem development toward a more natural feel. He expanded upon functionality and progressively empowering users. Dan described how users could eventually come to know Anchor as their password manager.

Aaron on a Permission Hierarchy. Aaron touched upon permission levels. His idea expand upon Steemit’s permission hierarchy, that of posting and active keys. Ownership keys are not included here because Aaron's idea seems to be limited to the operational realm.

App Development. Aaron went on to discuss Greymass’ push toward app development for low security functions absent of token transfers. This would allow for more robust user engagement. Currently, Anchor has a section called “Sessions” that would likely be renamed “Apps”. Users may one day soon be able to easily add and remove apps via Anchor. Dan added how networking (community reporting) can protect against potentially dangerous apps.


Dan asked Aaron about specific steps being taken to advance Eden. He replied that the community faces many of the same ‘hurdles’ that currently limits the EOS mainnet including:

  • Account creation

  • Onboarding

  • Resource management

In addition to these, Aron identified Eden specific improvements like off-season (non-election times) communication. Aaron continues to plan out fund allocation for either delegation or directly by his hand. A longer term election (6 months vs 3 months) would likely lead him to delegating substantial funds.

Dan went into overlapping Chief Delegate terms while Aron added insight into multisig budgets. Aaron pointed out how senior delegates would be instrumental in passing on knowledge. Dan touched upon how Chief Delegate operations would likely change as Eden membership grows. 

What started to become clear is that next year’s Eden will not resemble its current dynamic. 


There’s a lot to consider like what happens to ongoing projects and ratifying on-the-fence solutions ready, or near-ready, for deployment at the end of a term. Elements on Aaron’s active radar may be ascertained from his mention of how challenging and inconvenient it’s to find information.

Expanding the Mainnet. More Equal Animals is a guide for applying fractal governance toward a profound end. EdenOS and ClarionOS are need technologies towards these ends. Aaron’s focus has historically been on operational elements. Starting with a wallet and then progressing to applications makes good sense. As Head Chief, Aaron is widening his vision with the capacity for helping developers navigate a broader horizon. 

This video was not just a meeting of developer minds, but of visionary ascension. Together they jested about how top-level development has gripped hold their focus over hands-on-programming.

We really want to make it so that the blockchain side of things is less of a concern for users. [44:08]

Social engagement and community building is key. And the ease of use of Violet.Garden is going to be critical to its success. [48:34]

Here’s a direct link to the video in case it doesn’t play.

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