Yeah the "people processes" will hopefully be put in the Meta Eden repo on the EOS communityy github page. The point of the repo was to write down these soft-science ideas. Perhaps putting it on github was self-defeating as it's a barrier for non-tech people.

The general problem stems from the simple fact that the people that design these systems think like programmers, and often overlook social things like what happens when we all get in a room. I remember Aaron and I were in a room and that happened, just a little akwardness so I took charge of pushing the process along. Last test election I was in with Lovejoy first, who took lead on directing the activities. Then barnes was in second group and lead.

Having a protocol for the group when we are on the video call only works if #1 it's "there" written somewhere #2 if participants know about it and #3 there's a system in place for feedback. I'll add a specific folder on Eden to deal with the actual meeting format, because as Aaron mentioned, that was the biggest noticeable flag, and just as important as the smart contracts.

Webauthn-like system sounds great. Always stoked to learn how Greymass is bringing people to the chain!! Don't be afraid to break EOS, meaning break it and make it better. Ultra's resource model seems way better.

I like what dan says about the trailing payments. I'm seeing a beautiful curve in my mind.

Imma say this loud for Dan, THE RANDOM PICKING OF THE LAST WINNER IS A TERRIBLE TERRIBLE IDEA, its enough randomness with the group selection. With that randomness, there's still Demagogues that could slip through to the last round. People that talk but don't add value to the ecosystem, even if they are fully honest good people and good intentioned.

We just got very lucky with Aaron winning, in my opinion. Not that all candidates weren't worthy, but I think there's lightyears between what Aaron will do.

Dan, Looking forward to watching your growth in understanding what's possible in social collaboration. When you bring up Justice, I hope you will think of Karma, not guilt/punishment that has kept us from evolving as a species. When you talk of property rights, I hope you also think about permissioned spaces that are declared as the shared property of the community, or all people on Earth. I do hope you look into the biomimetic (and also fractal) 'governance' and idea curation systems I've designed and read my Web 4 Manifesto to evolve your perspective of Abundance and why biomimetic systems resonate in a meaningful way that can catalyze societal advancement toward collaboration and harmony.

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Oct 27, 2021Liked by Marco Gonzalez

The news does not end on eos

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Eos again does not know how to stop. He continues his studies all the time. I think he will always continue to do good deeds.

Thanks for the nice article.

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I am very happy that there are non-stop developments in the EOS Network, thank you for the article.

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Eos can't stop. It continues with great news.

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It would be nice to offer Eden election leaders L1 to be contributors. I would be happy to add you Dan, one repo that doesn't require writing code, just actionable ideas in markdown.

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Glad to see the constant development going on around EOS

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