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Reading this article sounded better than the idea of watching the broadcast itself. I felt the excitement, and the topic you were trying to explain was very clear.

Actually restrictions have controversial impact on people. If you ban anything or tell them it is not allowed to do something, it will hit back. I will give a simple example: througout these 1.5 years I preferred to stay at home to avoid the virus. I handled the situation well, but once the government announced that there will be a curfew for several weeks, I felt desperate. I was already staying at home by my own will, but to be restricted by a power made me feel like that.

So if you ban something, people will always tend to act its opposite. The example I gave was for the benefit of society, therefore we can exclude it (I gave this example to prove that our mind is always against restrictions, its in our nature). If you try to ban or regulate something against society and restrict their economical freedom, society would fight back. Thereby, if you ban something, know that people will always tend to surpass your ban and it is almost impossible to avoid it.

Moreover, the description you gave for international agreements was very proper. It is not possible for houndreds of different cultures and governments to agree on something, as you mentioned it does not even happen in humanistical level. Even if they do, it would take too much time to setup the order.

I enjoyed reading the article, and I think you did a great job explaining it both here and on TV. Thanks!

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It was a very different article, I still couldn't get over it. I felt really informed, I'm waiting for the continuation of these articles, Jason

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really valuable comments

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First, congratulations. I'm sure you'll take this great opportunity very well. Talking about bitcoin on an international channel is a huge and important opportunity.

I'm sure you'll tell me how free and innovative Blockchain is. I'd like to follow you live if you give me a watch.

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Yes, speaking on a channel means reaching millions of people. It's a success.

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I don't think governments are afraid of blockchain. He's afraid of freedom.

They'll press until they figure it out. More so if they can't find. But it will break the pressures very easily. Because Bitcoin and Blockchain are really powerful. It offers solutions to almost everything. Whatever you want to use it for, it works. This is fantastic.

I'm not sure if it's a near or far date, but one day when Bitcoin is called, there will be very different thoughts. Everyone will own bitcoins.

Thanks for the article.

Have a nice day.

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governments cannot stand against technology and btc is the technology of the future

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I agree with you. Eventually everyone will learn about this technology.

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While many governments around the world view Bitcoin positively, their citizens

its volatility, the absence of a central authority behind Bitcoin, and the

warns that it is not related to the entity.

Blockchain, paperwork, ownership of digital and physical assets, even without Bitcoin

It has a wide range of uses such as monitoring or voting.

I don't think governments can stop Bitcoin with regulations.

Some governments even create their own cryptocurrency.

They are trying to integrate blockchain into life.

I do not agree with such negative thoughts.

Completely biased statements.

Thanks Jason Deane for the article.

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I also think bitcoin is unstoppable

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Banning bitcoins sounds crazy.

As you said, no state (states) can do this unless they want to return their economy to the stone age.

Everyone will have to accept that at some point.

I think that the states that adopt this as soon as possible and want to make regulations will achieve great profit and success.

El Salvador is one of those countries and there is a good opportunity to set a good example.

Now we have to accept this.

The world is not fair, especially economically.

income distribution is on the agenda of the whole world as a big problem, but no solution is produced.

Also, companies and individuals who make a lot of money avoid taxes.

this is far from sustainable.

Whether they like it or not, we will continue to advocate and grow bitcoin, which we believe is essential to a just world.

As long as we live, we will work to ensure that all people have as much equal rights as possible.

They can't stop Bitcoin and our dream of a just world.

Thanks for your great article.

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what?? Did someone want to ban bitcoin? 😂

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First of all, congratulations on your participation in the Asharq Business program.

Your valuable article impressed me a lot. I would like to thank you in the first place for the information you have provided.

Now let's get to the point bitcoin or blockchain technology is unstoppable. For this, the world's giant companies or states need to disassemble the internet cables laid in the intercontinental oceans.

Of course, since this is not possible, it is a technology that cannot be completely prevented.

Some restrictions may be experienced, but not for the good of this country. The earlier governments learn about this technology, the more they are one or two steps ahead of others.

The restrictions that were made in the beginning are now starting to pass. The giants are aware of this technology. And they don't want to lag behind that.

Since the world economy is not evenly distributed, there is a very poor segment on the one hand and a very rich segment on the other.

This economic imbalance and many more problems this technology aspires to solve.

Thanks again for the valuable article and article. You were great both in your comments here and in your comments on the TV show. Keep writing articles up to date, it feels good to read you.

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It was a great experience for you to participate in the Asharq Business program, I congratulate you, and you made a very good presentation.

They should no longer ask the classic question, Can Government regulations stop Bitcoin, because I think it's inevitable that bitcoin will be everywhere and in every aspect of our lives.

While there are so many problems to be solved in the world, it is very wrong for governments to empty our pockets with such ridiculous deals.

The world is slowly decentralizing, and this decentralization is something that may work for governments, It is illogical that they use this situation to their disadvantage instead of to their advantage.

Tech companies have welcomed the agreement, it's funny, I wonder how they'll provide it when there's no centrality in the future :)'

It's really enjoyable to read your article, thank you for sharing this update with us.

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Cryptowriter keeps on coming with useful content.

We keep on learning on a daily basis.

Thanks Jason, nice read.

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A real comeback with a something different and Overpowered Article :)

The new people will know about Blockchain Soon and i can assure 100% that they will be in love with the Crypto and Blockchain Technology after they know about it

It's just a matter of time and the time will come soon ❤️

Bitcoin 🔥❤️

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With the inevitable introduction of these new pillars, we must ask ourselves: How can this affect Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is truly international at its core.

It also moves money around the world and targets an international audience.

As a result, by its mere operation, it falls within the scope of much that is believed to be the new rules on the taxation of international companies.

It's not so universal after all.

On the other hand, while the G7 accounts for a large share of global GDP, there are still major players like India, China and Russia that are not included in these new rules. They didn't even register for them. And whether they will even adopt them is hard to say.

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I wonder what Sun Valley Conference is like.

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This was enjoyable to read. Now I want to watch the interview.

I think some regulations will be put in place in general because governments want their cut, but Bitcoin cannot and will not be controlled.

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