Bullshipples: An Uplifting Story

  • The Uplift World team put into action a brilliant vision. They dream where few dare.

  • EOSIO’s Delegated Proof of Stake opens doors to so very much.

  • Metaverse developers have been waiting for fast, immutable mircro-transactions.

Individuals will never truly value a virtual world in which they have no stake. Small P2P transactions make a metaverse feel more real. Experience this for yourself at Shippletopia.

The Uplift World’s Endless Potential

The Uplift World takes Satoshi’s vision to a new level. Like CryptoFinney, the Uplift team relentlessly pursues innovation. Is it any wonder why Sean Ballent and Jimmy D are such a pair on the Edge of Obscurity (and invading other podcasts)?

The Internet of Money is about much more than the social chatter of fly-by-night trends. It’s about action!

Out from the fog, comes a team glistening in the early morning dew. Bullshipples is a world within the gracious Chick’n Ka’ah server. This legendary Minecraft server traces its origins back to before The Uplift World. The Bullshipples team finds leadership in the ‘eighth’ member of the CK7 (Chick’n Ka’ah’s founders).

The Bullshipples Story:

What NFTs, Crypto, and the Metaverse Is Meant to Be

Shipple token didn’t start on the WAX blockchain. In fact, those within the EOS community still have until October 1 to fill out the airdrop form.

Bullshipples, Inc. was born out of a small group of blockchain agnostic innovators. It is:

the first company incorporated on the blockchain

Guiding Bullshipples mission are principles in service of others and fostering a productive cross-chain community. Strong online relationships enable Shippletopians to extend their desire to do real-world good. And as always, Bullshipples is about having fun. 

Happening Now

There are five constructs supporting the community:

  • Shipple Token- a cross-chain cryptocurrency

  • Bullshipples Inc.- the company guiding development

  • Shippletopia World- 1000x1000 property in Chik’n Ka’ah within the Uplift metaverse

  • Shippletopia NFT Collection- presently concentrated on the WAX blockchain

  • Shipple Fund for Charity- localized, non-profit initiatives

Shipple Token started as a joke on EOS. Sustained by memes and onboarding crypto users, the token began to blossum from a small act of charity.

Bullshipples Inc. was formed out of a daring dream to incorporate on blockchain. The first, and certainly not the last, Bullshipples Inc. is an illustration of skope for digital ownership applications and individual liberties.

Shippletopia World is what you see in the images. It’s in its own right a world onto its own, living, and independently (server) managed, on Uplift.

The Shippletopia NFT Collection finds inspirations in memes, but it’s much more than that today. NFTs are already slated for gamifying Uplfit activities as well as charitable causes.

The Shipple Fund for Charity is as much responsible for the success of the community as anything else. It was a simple and surprising act of kindness that still moves the community to do good even unto this day.

Visiting Shippletopia

I had the chance to chat with Marty Bullshipple. He took me on a private tour and had this to say regarding Bullshipples primary purpose:

…accessible to all communities because we believe all communities may want to participate in gamified generosity

Both modest and boastful, new visitors will find mind-opening experiences throughout Shippletopia. Designed to draw players into a game(s) within a game, Shippletopia reminds us of how creative we can be. 

The Tour: Players are immersed in action from the start.

Racers compete for a variety of prizes. Win NFTs and more by racing alone or at an event.

It’s a world whose leadership was essentially born in the metaverse.

Shared audiences stand out as the model for future online concerts. The communities and networking that artists spend so long developing now grow stronger together.

  • Join adventure quests and themed treasure hunts.

  • Win or earn NFTs in a myriad of ways.

  • Find Easter eggs and unlock new levels.

Whether you’re the player, a spectator or creator, there's sure to always be something to do.

Stay Tuned…

(I know… an outdated expression. Please excuse the trip back to the 80s- there was a functioning DeLorean after all)

Grand opening season kicks off once Shippletopia completes its move to AWS. Expect to join in the fun within a few weeks- planning for mid-late October.

Ready Yourself... 
...for weeks long events unlike anything before seen in Uplift.

Join the team’s telegram channel for the latest on Shippletopia.

View the video on The Chick'in Ka'Ah Kindness NFT for a brief history.

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