Uplift looks like a lot of fun. Honestly, I've never been in. But it was fun, I'm sure. I've seen it on a few broadcasts.

I wish it was more fun. Thanks for the nice article and information.

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I'll never cease to be amazed with the Uplift world, team and projects.

I'm not a good Minecraft player (I'm the worst actually) but just jumping on there floating in the air and watching the sun goes up and down is an extraordinary feeling.

Everything seem so peaceful on there. I would play some cool tune and just float around hahah.

The Bullshipples Inc got me hyped too. We need more people like this and more genuine charity.

Good luck with all your projects guys, I'm just happy to witness the revolution.

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The Uplift World's Endless Potential.

It looks great, but I'm not taking good care of uplift anymore after the big coin sale. Please don't judge me, it's all my ideas. But the administration has done a lot of ridiculous things. It has already generated more supply where there is no demand.

I think you're taking advantage of the wax hype. Already most projects are worthless. There was just hype. Maybe he can come to himself with another hype. There are already a lot of minecraft servers that make a profit. Especially it is more smooth and stable. Is there something that needs to be changed too much.

First, the uncertainty should be resolved. This is the case with most projects. And because of this, people do not make purchases. Personally, I don't do it either. The price does not matter. I hope they solve it quickly.

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Endless potential!!! Perfect headline. As a lover of Uplift, this is a superb article. i want to see endless success of this project, and how well this article was written will help for sure!

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Uplift is no longer as valuable as it used to be because some people who do not play the game buy nfts such as rail keys for investment purposes. Unfortunately, the uplift was badly affected by this type of people, all they think about is the money to go into their own pockets.

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Can anyone share the coordinates to the bullshipple plot? I'd like to check it out

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