Early Access Blankos

Entering a new collection series

With the much anticipated Major Update coming tomorrow June 2nd, a new Blankos collection series will begin. The Early Access collection. Starting with Bullseye by Nicky Davis followed by Freddy Yeti by the Mythical Games team.

BULLSEYE by Nicky Davis

With tomorrow’s update also comes a brand new Blanko, the second ever limited mint Blankos drop with only 4,000 available. This is also the first Blanko designed by @_NickyDavis (first new artist since Private Beta) and the first official drop of Early Access. Bullseye will be released June 2nd @ 3PM PDT for $19.99 on the web store or 2000 Blanko’s Bucks inside the in-game store. Don’t forget to snag this cool, colorful, limited Blanko before it’s gone.

FREDDY YETI by Mythical Games

But wait, there’s more! On June 3rd @ 3PM PDT Mythical Games will be dropping a second Early Access Blanko for the week. Get Freddy Yeti for $9.99 on the Blankos web store or 1000 Blanko’s Bucks inside the in-game store.

There is something else very special about Freddy Yeti. Until now there has only been Blankos with no horns or 3 horns. Freddy Yeti is the first Blanko EVER with a unicorn making it a great collector’s piece. Yeti will remain available in the store for a limited time until he is pulled from the shelves forever on June 16th.

It is not too late!

Many people think that they are too late to start collecting Blanko NFTs but the party is just getting started. First of all, the game is still in open beta, we are only in Season 00, and starting tomorrow a new collection series will begin so there couldn’t be a better time to start. 🔥🚀

Prior Collection Series:

Final Thoughts

Mythical Games has an exciting week in store for us and I cant wait to see what issue numbers I manage to get my hands on. Keep an eye out for more articles on Blankos Block Party as I will keep you all updated with the latest news, shelf updates, and all things happening in the Blankos universe. ✌🏽

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