Earn DAPP & BOX LP Rewards

DAPP Network dual liquidity mining starts October 19th at 17:00 Hong Kong Time (or 9AM UTC). DAPP and EOS token holders can provide DAPP-EOS liquidity on Defibox to earn LP rewards. DAPP rewards will last for 60 days. And Defibox will provide additional rewards in BOX tokens for a limited time.


If you want to earn high yields in DAPP and BOX tokens, you’ll need to provide DAPP-EOS liquidity through Defibox. LPs will earn yield in DAPP tokens during the 60-day mining event. Defibox agreed to match DAPP rewards in BOX tokens at the onset of this event. The earlier you provide liquidity, the more rewards you’ll stack over the next two months.

DAPP Yield Opportunities

There’s many other ways to earn yield with DAPP tokens. You can easily stake your DAPP tokens to a DSP. One of the highest yield-producing DSPs right now is dadgoverndsp. This DSP is run by DAPP Account DAO.

DAPP holders will stake their tokens through either website listed below:

DAPP Account DAO pays DSP rewards of nearly 7% to DAPP stakers.

DSP Portals for Staking

DPS Portals allow DAPP token holders to stake in return for yield. Here’s a video walkthrough on how to use the DSP Portals: Stake-DAPP Video.

Top DSP Portals Listed Below:

  1. EOS Nation DSP Portal

  2. DSP HQ DSP Portal

  3. Bloks DSP Portal

There’s also a great article dedicated to DAPP staking rewards: Stake-DAPP Article.

DAPP Airdrops

DAPP tokens will become part of future airdrops to DAD stakers! You can stake DAD tokens to earn yield by visiting ecurve.finance. This product is built on DAPP Network technology. And the two projects are very intertwined.

DAPP Governance: Proposal 12 - Defibox Liquidity Mining Program

This proposal requested 1-million DAPP of community funds as liquidity mining rewards for a 60-day liquidity mining program on Defibox. The 1-million DAPP were transferred from dappgovfunds account to candy.defi. These funds will result in more liquidity on Defibox and incentivize arbitrage opportunities between Bancor’s DAPP liquidity pool. And this initiative results in more fees to liquidity providers.

There’s limited slots in the Bancor LP. Many people missed the opportunity to get into the DAPP LP on Bancor. Now it’s a good opportunity for those with DAPP on EOS to earn yield by providing DAPP-EOS liquidity to Defibox.

The DAPP liquidity pool on Bancor is waiting for a completed audit before distributing rewards back to LPs.


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