I think farm and stake are very important in this market. Considering crypto as a human being, I think it's a vital organ.

If there is a full-fledged project and we want to make it sustainable, there should be varieties of farm and stake. This makes the project more efficient and sustainable.

It also looks like a nice stake and farm here. I don't usually do LP farming. I prefer stakes. But profit rates are usually higher. This is a matter of preference.

I also see in the article that a very diverse system has been made. This will be good for people. Anyone who wants to will evaluate it the way they want.

Thanks for the nice article and information.

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I really like lp farms. I benefit both myself and people.

Besides, as a believer in blockchain, I consider it necessary.

The closer the decentralization is, the better.

Thank you for passing on this opportunity to us.

Have a nice day.

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There are really great developments in the DAPP Field, the EOS LP is it will be profitable for the eos holders. Thanks for the article.

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These developments on the DAPP side are exciting

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DAPP is looking good!!

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