EdenOS Alpha and EOS’ Light Over the Horizon

If you’re wondering what exactly is Eden on EOS, it’s good, to begin with some context: 

  • Were you around for Dawn?

  • Did you participate in early Steemit discussions that led to the reinvention of DPoS (EOS)?

  • What are your feelings about the recent PowerUp resource model?

  • Did you get excited about how fast a community formed around ClarionOS?



EdenOS may very well prove quite profound for EOS, EOSIO, and blockchain smart contracts in general. To gauge its potential impact, consider broad-scope answers to the questions listed above. They involve key developments that preceded our present community of developers, investors, and creators/users.

Before EOS 

A long, long time ago, in a land where Bitcoin WAS crypto and Ethereum had not yet fueled The ICO Craze…

The EOS story does not begin with Steemit and Bitshares, but it certainly gained some lift there. (Threw in a bit of aviation lingo. My degree, flight experience, and passion will always resonate in some way.) Funny, when Dan began life after Block.one, he took time to reach out to the ancient DPoS community at Bitshares and Steemit-turned-Hive.blog

Good tech persists and true inspiration never dies.

The Dawn of a New Age in Blockchain

Dawn was the rallying cry that brought EOS into existence. It was an organizational mechanism for funding EOSIO development. Block.one owes its influence to Dawn. There’s also several billion worth of Bitcoin indirectly tied to the EOS launching pad.

Growing Pains

EOS was successful from the beginning. 

  • Perfect? No. 

  • An advancement of blockchain technology? Absolutely. 

At the very least, critics cannot deny that EOS proves competitive (decentralized) applications can run on blockchain. 

Now, look beyond trivial arguments for or against a particular blockchain and toward unique industry contributions. EOSIO demonstrates an unparalleled combination of throughput, user-/developer-focus, robust application, and capacity for diversified blockchain offspring (sister chains to the EOS mainnet). EOS demonstrated this unmatched adaptability and nimbleness with the speed at which it adopted the new PowerUp resource model.

Not only are the use cases of EOSIO-based chains practical for modern applications now, they have the capacity to easily adapt. This greatly adds to the overall potential of the technology. 

Developers are at the center of the EOSIO ecosystem. Is it any wonder how fast development teams for ClarionOS and EdenOS were spun up?


EdenEOS.org is already up and running. Visiting the site you’ll find a clear vision, organized resources, and how to get started.

For a deeper dive, watch the explainer video and Q&A where a developer explains some of the features behind the Alpha Release of EdenOS.

Here are a few highlights:

  • There’s the reiteration of what Dan Larimer first described as “...very deterministic and repeatable...” in describing the "...idea behind cltester...”

  • Dan had also emphasized the importance of smoothly leveraging libraries.

  • As with any decentralized community, EdenOS encourages communication and feedback from developers.

  • For non-developers, or just to hangout, there’s the ClarionOS and EdenoOS telegram info channels.

  • New token?


An EdenOS Alpha Test is scheduled for May 13th. At the link you’ll find information about the purpose of the test, the registration process, and virtual meetup.

For a deeper dive into what Dan and his dev team have in store, visit the latest post at More Equal Animals, a site inspired by a book of the same name.

More Relevant News

  • A soaring EOS price is driving new users to the community.

  • Block.one recently commissioned a staking rewards proposal.

  • In anticipation of greater (and even mass) adoption, Block.one recently tweeted about an introductory webinar.

  • There’s also Bullish.com. Is this the competitive decentralized exchange the community has been waiting for?

  • And don’t forget Voice2.0. It could be quite instrumental in helping bridge the gap for Internet users at large with blockchain in general.

  • Developers will find no shortage of support, whether it be from a decentralized community or B1.

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