EOS NFTs: Charting Active Projects (May 2021)

EOSIO technology underlies both WAX and EOS blockchains. Privy to these communities are a sharing of resources like Atomic Hub and straightforward cross-chain integration. The Hub is widely regarded as the best NFT marketplace within the ecosystem. It’s even attracting projects from non-EOSIO blockchains. Amazing where the Hub might be by year’s end. Simple Market is another popular NFT resource for EOS, WAX, and TELOS. 

Rampant growth throughout the overall NFT market makes it impossible to keep up with new projects. Individual investors have their hands full, let alone appropriately investigate new NFT launches. Details found on Atomic Hub often prove to be an invaluable starting point. 


The table provides a categorical comparison of EOS NFT projects as assignable by Atomic Hub. The objective is to provide a quick snapshot for better gauging the state of the market. Hopefully both new and experienced community members will find the following charts helpful.




Not all projects are easily investigated. The best tend to have a websites link on their Collection’s page. Telegram seems to be the preferred NFT medium. For good reason too. A lot of questions need answering. No two projects are the same and dynamics can seem foreign from one project to the next, even on the same chain.


Experienced NFTers look for key metrics to determine the short- and long-term viability of a particular project. For the noob, navigating the market can be greatly eased by identifying things like supply limits and features across rarities. For example, promotional campaigns which may be discontinued or depreciated tend to begin with an exceedingly high supply. Another tip, keep an eye on the ‘mintable’ max numbers and alterations that a creator maintains the liberty to change at some future date.

Investing in innovative markets should always be engaged with caution. 


WAX projects greatly outnumber those on EOS. Atomic Hub did start out as a WAX project after all. EOS is not so much late to the NFT party as it’s laying the groundwork for a sustainable ecosystem.

From a new resource model, to strengthening the community via EdenOS/ClarionOS, EOS is taxiing enroute for takeoff. In accord with EdenOS, consider a few words about potentially centralizing market influencers.

Plans during the early stages of an NFT marketplace should be keen on encouraging decentralization. A few projects have hit the ground running. While outstanding, the community should be aware of any potential for centralization.

Also highly impactful are projects outside of the NFT space, like cross-blockchain solutions developed by LiquidApps, or wallet improvements by Greymass. In addition to Atomic Hub and Simple Market, a few private groups shaping the EOS NFTs landscape are touched upon next.

About The Wecan Group and Uplift

Markets require diverse participation to be healthy. The strong influence of the Wecan group should be noted in respect to its family of projects running on the WAX and EOS blockchains.

Similarly, Upland developed a gaming dynamic that may one day rock the NFT space. Among the top game for weeks now, Upland may soon shift (pun intended [see CryptoFinney]) from mere participant to the type of influence that Wecan’s R-Planet has within the WAX NFT marketplace. Uplift is another project gaining a lot of momentum.

A deeper dive into these networks is advised at some point. For now, the EOS ecosystem should feel blessed to garner such strong attention with boundless potential.

Voice NFT Update

There was a time when EOS couldn’t be discussed without mentioning Voice. Seems short-lived, but Voice CEO Salah Zalatimo reassures us that Voice 2.0 will be far grander. Voice will run on and mint NFTs at it’s core. Seamlessly minting NFTs while simultaneously engaging in social media would indeed be a game changer. Given Voice’s committed to launching this Summer, the community should know for sure very soon. Native tokens that interact with EOS remain integral to its plan. 


It’s an exciting time for the EOS community, NFT enthusiasts, and creators in general. If there was ever a moment to get on board early, it's now. A pre-shipoff party is ongoing on the deck of the Good Ship NEFTOS. Join us! This is how many feel about NFTs.

Sooner or later you’ll understand the excitement. The Saturday Night Live skit illustrates this point beautifully.

From entertainment aspects to their use in securing patents and identity, EOSIO represents a complete solution for the boundless potential of NFTs.

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