Great to see NFTs gaining some traction on EOS 💪

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WAX was a gateway for me to get into EOS. I wish there was a bridge to integrate both worlds more seamlessly.

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Ive been slowly moving more and more assets over to WAX. If you want to be active buying and selling, there's no other ecosystem out there like EOS/WAX. Keep in mind, we are all learning everyday, don't be afraid to get your feet wet and make some mistakes on the way!

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I love the activity we have now on WAX but I believe EOS is a sleeping giant and we will reap the benefits of that in the future. Very grateful to have my Finney collection spread over both blockchains. It's a shame the Atomichub team doesn't agree with having both collections verified at level 2, especially with the performance in the secondary market on EOS. Hopefully they come around on that matter.

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wax and eos nft market has great potential

I consider myself blessed to have discovered it at the beginning of the road.

I am grateful to all the great projects and their creators

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I wish more projects had websites, even if they are free blogs on Medium or something. Too many projects are a complete mystery. There are even major projects that I have trouble finding information about sometimes.

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Thanks !

The table is very useful to become familiar with new projects.

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Started using it 2-3 days ago 😅

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Wecan and Uplift

Wecan is growing fast thanks to Rplanet, and some might say that they lost their soul. Tribal Books still a very niched project, Prospectors is slowing gaining popularity and RPlanet nailing it completely, but at what cost?

Rplanet is now divided in three factions:

newbie/casual gamers thirsty for Aether and a slice of passive income;

Rplaneters, core players that invest their aether on element crafting and all the game aspects; and, last bot(pun intended) not least, the Flippers, the most hated of the three.

Wecan needs to pay attention to first 2 but can't, and it's not, forgetting the Huge profit coming from 2nd market profit.

As far as it goes for the Uplift team, a big Kudos for them because they are always focused on Win Win Economy, and their last stunt showed us that. Yoshi drops will create a NFT revolution and, while Rplanet telegram chat has a really bad vibe, Uplift has the opposite. Everyone involved sees the cup half full and support all the decisions of the core team.

While Rplanet has 30% of satisfied and supportive members, Uplift has 80 to 90%.

Wecan can have more profit, now, but i have no doubt on who's going to lead the market in a very near future.

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My gateway to NFT's was EOS. As odd as it might seem, it was after installing Wombat and discovering Upland, that slowly i start doing my research and i was far from imagining that i would have so much fun with it.

EOS NFT's, on Atomic Market, in my opinion, have more quality, and are on a different level compared with WAX projects.

There's always something new on WAX but it doesn't necessarily bring quality to the ecosystem. On the other hand, EOS market has top notch project, with less drops and fortunately skipping all the clutter. It's easy to keep track the EOS projects.

EOS will be the future for NFT's and i have no doubt that it will gain more and more traction, settling as a niche for more elevated forms of Art, whatever that might be.

Good to see that Writer has more volume than all the other projects combined :)

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Would you be able to recommend any EOS NFT collections or EOS based games? For EOS so far I only collect crypto writer and I just started playing Crypto Dynasty.

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