Whatever happens to its price, EOS is continuing to build steadily. Every week we see stuff happening regarding to EOS. It seems like more than alive, so there's nothing to be worried about. I think it will make a move on ETH chart and break the shown line upwards.

I like the small comments you make in the charts, they help to understand better what you are trying to tell.

Thank you for the review! I'm thinking to accumulate more EOS soon when I will find the chance.

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EOS will break the $4 resistance andnext $4.3will continue to rise after testing its resistance

looks like.And with a later fixI don't think it will go below 3.6.

All looks good for EOS.

I hope it catches the power to break the high resistances.

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Bitcoin can do it very easily if it keeps rising. But in the opposite situation, it seems difficult.

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EOS corrected to $35 and came in a very organic, not exaggerated rise.

I don't think there will be big drops in EOS for a few more weeks.

There may be fixes from time to time, but these fixes will not be painful.

Thanks to Phantom for the article :)

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Thanks to you, my knowledge about EOS is increasing day by day. Honestly, I can't say that I understand much from graph reading and analysis. But with you, I'm learning that too.

Thanks for the article!

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EOS is a project that I am just getting into. I don't have it yet. But the project excites me, so I think even these prices are a buying opportunity. I believe I can make a more solid introduction to EOS by following your analysis.

Thank you for your effort!

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Aug 8, 2021Liked by Etta Tottie

I have no doubt that eos will rise because his team deserves it. My knowledge of eos has increased a lot since I joined Cryptowriter. When BTC starts to rise, one of the most rising coins will be eos.

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They definitely deserve it they are a very strong community.

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I trust EOS. Currently, the market is sluggish.

They're acting according to BTC. But I think it will be much different when the good news comes. I think he'll be one of the first to be involved in the ascent.

Thank you for the analysis.

Have a nice day.

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They come with a new development every day. A great season awaits us for EOS.

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I love it the most. It's always good to be up to date.

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You've rated the graphics well. Clever comments are not subjective comments. You've clearly said the good and the bad.

I also did a short Eos analysis. For me. St Rsi is now 4 hours old and gives good signals in the diary. Macd looks good too. I hope the falling trend breaks. Good signals appear. Of course, it depends on btc.

Thank you for your hard work. I like your analysis. I'm in pursuit. Good work.

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These graphs, data, analyzes are really awesome thank you for presenting us with a great article.

EOS seems awesome with developments Bullish days are waiting for us.

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Thanks for the update Phantom!

Keep up the good work!

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As for me EOS is the best crypto and I feel excited about the break of $4 resistance, this might affect more people to use EOS and further to raise the price.

If the priority of hitting $7.65 will be reached this year we'll get another monster called EOS on the crypto scene and nothing will stop it.

Enjoyed, thank you.

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the market still hasn't recovered from the pressure of bitcoin. We trust EOS and we are a part of it. Thanks for your technical analysis and comments.

I wish you a good day.

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I believe in slow and steady growth which is easily visible in EOS and i am really happy about it

EOS is not just any other project its an evolution which can change many things in the Market cause it has the potential but very underrated

Many projects are Building Their Projects on EOS and EOS community is also active which makes a perfect combination of Hardwork and Support From team and community :)

I have a request if you can also choose to analyze different coins chart's that would be really appreciated cause i believe you have a good skill :)

EOS is permanent but we need you to analyze more Coins in Future :)

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Sleeping giant is about to wake up

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Aug 10, 2021Liked by Etta Tottie

Fantastic analysis Phantom!

It's time to hold EOS I believe it will be bullish in the short term.

EOS will grow and now we need to take our place

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Thanks for the weekly update.

It was a meticulous and detailed analysis.

I believe that the accumulation will continue as long as there is no sudden change in the market.

I look forward to your new updates.

Thanks for the article.

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