EOS The Moment of Truth

The EOS Mainnet is the integrity data layer

This is the fourth article of a series named “Eosio Ecosystem insights”.

Audience: startups, developers, project managers that want to integrate their platform with decentralized networks.

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The EOS Mainnet is in a moment of truth more than ever. 2021 marks the return of Dan Larimer into the EOS community leading the charge with the ClarionOS Team and the EdenOS Team.

Collaborative Ecosystems around EOS

  • EOS Foundation

  • Pomelo

  • Initiatives on EOS

  • Eden on EOS

  • EOS Bees

This is important for everyone in the EOS Ecosystem to have maximal independence and freedom to build scaling solutions on EOS. Now the solution providers, dApp developers have the choice to onboard in EOS by opening a door, their door of choice among the available “Collaborative🔄Ecosystems”.

The EOS Foundation is unifying those collaborative🔄ecosystems around EOS.

The EOS Mainnet is the “Integrity Data Layer 1 solution”. That’s the common point for the projects. The EOS Mainnet is also the Entry Point for the NFTs with the “Atomic Asset Protocol” and the Atomichub. Thanks to the zero gas fees and near-instant transaction confirmation.

The Eden on EOS Intent

The Eden members are in EOS as safe guardians and will choose the way it is used to be. They are ready to resolve conflicts between them in this human trust layer that is Eden on EOS. 🙏with Heart, Soul, Mind.

Don't forget that Eden on EOS members will transact in $EOS between them and this decentralized dispute resolution is here to have our independence and maximum freedom. Better than a smart city only focus on tech.

The Eden on EOS membership incentivizes their members to have skin in the game because they want to contribute and have a Voice in the fractal Governance process. It came clear (has to be put in place by the Clarion Team) that a Decentralized Dispute Resolution as a security shell embedded into Eden will make sure that the members settle their “problem" in Eden.

Should you trust unanimous decisions

On the side of the tech

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is trying to become a block producer on the EOS Mainnet. But their involvement with EOS goes beyond being a block producer. They are partnering with block.one to support the EOSIO protocol, and smart contract platform by providing their confidential computing platform.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) will also deliver datasets ready for the EOS Mainnet.

Discover the 7 interviews, 10 guests of this EOSIO Swiss Workshop #10.

That was a marathon of Heart, Soul, Mind for the “EOS The Moment of Truth”, I interviewed 10 guests during one week non-stop, recording, editing, and delivering the maximum added information. I hope you like those interviews, share them and subscribe to the NovaCrypto Youtube Channel.

Next EOSIO Swiss Workshop #11 is planned for December 9th!

And in between on October 23rd, I start a monthly 30 minutes series “EOSIO Swiss Workshop Special Latam” with Maurice Vanegas.

EOS NATION - Interview

Pomelo.io will be accessible in the test phase, first with a fake token in order that the users can play with the User Interface.

Daniel Keyes of EOS Nation explains the current status of Pomelo.

Link to the previous interview


The multi-content platform writer.io is in the status of growth on the NFT side by merging many communities in EOS and outside.

Sean Ballent and Chaney Moore explain the current status of Cryptowriter that is coming with an announcement:

  • Finney Builder will let you upgrade your Finney 2.0 on EOS and WAX. Then, there will be the launch of Finney on Ethereum

  • A coming DAC where 1 Finney equals 1 vote and that will let the users have a Voice on the future of Finney.

EOS COSTA RICA - Interview

Eos Costa Rica is a block producer since the EOS Mainnet launch. They have implemented into their rating system a filter to show the Block producers used by the Eden Proxy. They are providing EOS Dashboard and are involved in different initiatives for example with EOS Argentina for the DeFi solution Evodex, extended with Metamask available for EOS.

EOS Micro Loan - Interview

Maurice Vanegas is the CEO of EOS Micro Loan and EOS Market Place.

Started in Venezuela and now growing in other countries (such as Colombia, Chile, Peru), the Ecosystem was designed by Maurice and along the line, he has created partnerships to continue the experience.

Therefore, it’s logical that they are a block producer on the EOS Mainnet. More than that, one fact very important to understand is how the Human Generated Finance movement came into existence. You have to first realize and understand how liquidity is created. Link to the Documentary Jekyll Island (with Spanish Subtitles) by Executive Producer Maurice Vanegas.

I have also the pleasure to enter in partnership with Maurice to cover a monthly 30 minutes in the EOSIO Swiss Workshop Special LATAM series starting on October 23rd.

Link to the previous video

EOSTARTER - Interview

Hernan Arber and Chris Barnes explain to us the current status with EOSTARTER.

They have added a successful NFT campaign with the Tartiers. Showing engagement by the community.

They are in the process of regulatory and are working with Chintai on this matter.

Link to the previous interview

BOID - Interview

Boid.com is part of the IBM World Community Grid Project. John Heeter is the cofounder and developer.

He has created eospowerup.io and explains in this video the planned evolutions.

He is also behind eosaccount.io and will run into the next Eden Election on October 9th.

The proposal of John Heeter for the next Eden Election

EOS BEES - Interview

EOS Bees is an outreach marketing group looking for funding in order to pay marketers for promoting #EOS.

Jesse Jaffe is a digital marketer and decided to create the EOS Bees. The marketing group is under the liability of his company (LLC) in phase 1 to start the company.

At the time of this writing, EOS Bees workers have signaled their interest in the hives.

Currently, we have the English, Korean, Turkish, and Spanish hive with Vietnamese, French, and German coming on shortly. We hope to eventually include ALL the languages of eos!

Jesse Jaffe will run in the next Eden Election on October 9th.

The proposal of Jesse Jaffe for the next Eden Election

Dan Larimer has joined the EOS Bees English Hive Telegram Group after writing an Epic Medium article entitled “Decentralized Dispute Resolution.

Jesse Jaffe, “the Quen Bee”, posted in the Telegram EOS Bees :

@bytemaster7 just as an FYI, if we are to receive funding, part of it will go towards translating interesting #eos content like your article into all the languages of the eos bees hives. Currently, we have the English, Korean, Turkish and Spanish hive with Vietnamese, french, and german coming on shortly. We hope to eventually include ALL the languages of eos!

Link to the article by Dan Larimer

NovaCrypto is the official sponsor of EOS Bees

So far, I designed/created for the EOS Bees :

  • The motto: “We are the Bees. The Heart, Soul, Mind. To inject the best nectar in your mindset”

  • The below promotional video

  • I paid for the EOS Bees banner that will appear from September 26th until Eden Election on October 9th., on eospowerup.io

Patrick Bernard Schmid CEO/CTO of NovaCrypto is also an EOS Bees Worker in the English Hive. He is also running into the next Eden Election on October 9th.

The proposal of Patrick Bernard Schmid

Remember EOS Lovers, Testify your Intent on the EOS Mainnet.

EOS is the Everyone’s Open Society we deserve!

We can empower life, property, security of many people around us, we have to open the eyes.

Heart🔄Soul🔄Mind every day, every 0.5 seconds!

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