EOS is really a community. It's a great organization that helps each other and keeps in touch. There are very few examples.

I'm very happy about this.

The thing that caught my attention the most in the article was finney. In fact, its design is very beautiful.

I was especially disappointed with his performance, despite the fact that he was on sale in the most popular nft store. I really like the project. And that's why I'm making this comment.

Drops designs are very beautiful. But there is a shortage somewhere.

We have to figure this out together. If we solve it, the whole world will know about Finney .

Please specify it as a comment if you have an idea.

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Another great Eos week. Eos does not stop working when the market is falling or rising. They're always motivated.

I think the Finney burn system is also good. It looks pretty fun.

Thanks for the nice article.

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Thanks for the weekly updates on EOS.

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Thanks as always for the weekly update.

Really like EOS support, it's a much needed service.

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eos still works as we know and produces new projects.

an excellent community. If I were to compare eos to an animal, I would say bee without hesitation because the eos team works like bee without ever giving up.

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Many many great developments EOS continues to grow, thank you for the article.

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