EOSweekly: Chief Delegates Plans, DeFi Grants, DAPP/BOX, EOS Support, EOS Costa Rica, Burning Finney

Charging Chief wants the future now! DeFi wishes granted. DAPP Network with BOX rewards. EOS Support to the rescue. EOS Costa Rica uplifts members. Chief Delegates hold their first meeting while Dan pushes the inspiration envelope. Finney hovers their multichain grip on Ethereum [and whispered ‘Crunk’].


Head Chief Aaron Cox Poised for Change

Aaron Cox, if truly successful, will have faced the greatest challenge of any Head Chief for the EdenOS Genesis community. A dedicated developer, Aaron holds the most powerful administrative signatory that decides the future of the community. He recently revealed some of his thoughts and future prospects. Visit EOS Community Forums for details of the projects he’s considering, including: 

  • Web Wallet  

  • App Discovery 

  • Application Developer Toolkit

  • Anchor 2.0 - The Authenticator

  • Core Client Technologies 

The community is undeniably behind him- it always has been. Even still, quite the far reaching vision for a first, first term. Don't get me wrong, it’s achievable when considering the talent and dedication within the community. Nice to know that Aaron still encourages people to get in touch with him

...As always, don't hesitate to reach out to me. I am excited to see what the future hold. Thanks to everyone involved!

Second Wave of Recognition Grants

Yves La Rose:

#EOSFoundation is proud to announce the 2nd wave of recognition grants totaling $1.1m in support of the #EOS DeFi ecosystem! 🚀

Kicking off the first wave to heartfelt operations, the EOS Network Foundation now presses forward with DeFi. Releasing Recognition Grants that further supports finance should prove to be the final nail in the coffin that puts to rest strains upon development. Here’s the  list of second wave grants:

  • Defibox

  • EOSDT 

  • SOV

  • Vigor 

  • DFSn

  • Newdex

  • Organix

  • Pizza

  • DAPP Network

  • pNetwork

  • DAPP Account DAO

Each project adds to core resources. Expect tangible and intangible impacts to overall mainnet development, dapps, and user outreach. Transformation will happen very quickly. It’s unlikely that soon any single person will be able to keep up with all the transpires. Hence, the brilliance of Yves La Rose and the ENF to fund DeFi this early. Yves  commented about the “...new era $EOS DeFi”:

Decentralized ecosystems require many entrepreneurs building independent businesses to make them more robust and antifragile

First DAPP Network Community Call and Defibox Rewards

Among the most promising projects to come out of EOS with crosschain applications, the Dapp Network appears ready to hit the ground running. This comes as Eden jumpstarts the ecosystem and DAPP LP rewards are made available on Defibox. As an impact venture, the DAPP Network held its first official community call (see video). Wes Carmichael discusses the rewards system in detail in DAPP Spotlight: DAD Token, Earn DAPP & BOX LP Rewards and DAPP & DAD Awarded Grants. Topics include liquidity, yield opportunities, staking portals, airdrops, and the most recent governance proposal. Liquidity mining for Defibox LP rewards starts on October 19th. As usually, look for additional BOX rewards.

EOS Support

Everybody in crypto knows someone who's not. Quite often, discussing important, yet solvable problems can be challenging. Sure, there's an air of opposition. For those that can look past mainstream media opinions, challenges still arise trying to merely understand the technology let alone use it. EOS User Support Service exists to bridge this gap and make onboarding easier. The team thanked the community for its recent funding and announced its first customers the same week. If you or someone you know needs help, contact EOS Support. I overviewed the project pre-election in With Funding Solved New Users Find Solace in EOS Support.

EOS Costa Rica Member Integration Tool

Very quickly, the EOS ecosystem has a membership class. The good news is that EdenOS is dedicated as decentralized technology and membership in the Genesis community is reachable for any upstanding participant. To this end, EOS Costa Rica provides an open source resource for developers wishing to include membership features in their smart contracts. Visit the GitHub for details. The team has made its Eden Member Check toolkit easy and quick to use. It's the same code Incorporated by EOS Rate.

B1 Wire: Voice and Bullish Updates

While awaiting the SEC to approve its SPAC merger, B1 can look fondly upon the likelihood of Bitcoin Futures ETFs. Sure, B1 has fallen out of the spotlight within the EOS community. However, a successful Bullish exchange and Voice integrating EOS would be huge. Not that they're needed, but how much faster it'd be to scale the market cap rankings. Heck, coalescing success of all recent EOS ventures would undoubtedly raise the roof for all of crypto. Voice in Times Square… doesn’t get any bigger than this. It's a partnership with DorDor Gallery NYC as the lead presenter at NFT.NYC. Maliha Abidi curates the showing of 25 pieces from Voice NFT artists. More information about the Voice NYC (sold out) event can be found at Eventbrite.

Around the EdenOS Genesis Community on EOS

So we’ve got money flowing under foot, respected individuals elected into leadership positions with the capacity to act, and an inspired community continues to aggressively innovate. Now what? Need a quick check point, flyby Eden Member Recaps. Go deeper by watching the first meeting of Chief Delegates. Brandon Fancher completed another weekly progress report while taking Q&A. The one person most responsible for making EOS what it is today dropped the clutch, jettisoning inspiration with throttle full-out by challenging the community to go even further in the wake of our first election and freed funding via inflation:

If the network really wanted to jump start it would commit 2% inflation to Eden and then B1 would be irrelevant

Thanks to EOSEden for helping me catch this one. Contrary to what some believe, Dan and B1 don’t work closely together:

I honestly thought B1 was going to support open sourcing bullish on eos and building out governance and social media

Enough focus on single-brain emanation- hopefully more next week. EOS Nation, your veteran (that means old) news source has somehow managed to continue its live coverage following:

...so much fun streaming the Eden Elections last week.

Cryptowriter (Finney) Report 

The highly anticipated Ethereum baremetal burn mechanics went live this week. Unicorn Finney is the Ethereum version of BTC Miner Finney. 14 Unicorn Finneys and 44 baremetals have already been minted. Remember, Finney is also live on Rarity.Tools. We’re at round 19 for the weekly engagement winners rewards. EOS (and Finney) relevant Cryptowriter articles for this week include (be sure to check out that Crunk thing):

Other videos on Cryptowriter Podcast Network:


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