EOSweekly: Clarion, Voice2.0, Dapp Network, Swiss Workshop, B1, and more NFTs

EOSweekly is a roundup of recent news within the ecosystem. Unique needs and services continue to emerge as the advantages of blockchain technology are realized. Easy access to information becomes increasingly important for these expansive networks.


Voice Shifting to NFTs

Voice undertook the reinventing of the online social dynamic just a short year ago. This week, it announced maybe its most daring step:

  • a technologically enclusive social platform capable of minting NFTs

Voice 2.0 was announced by Voice CEO Salah Zalatimo in recent AMA:

Voice will upgrade, becoming a social platform where users can create digital arts across all formats - visual, written, audio and video - enabling them to be easily bought and sold as unique digital artifacts (NFTs)

Baylee Mozjesik followed up with information about obtaining a copy of posted content as well as how to join the launch this summer. 

Clarion Development Plans

Dan Larimer met with the Clarion team to discuss development plans. The first EdenOS smart contract for invitations and NFTs is expected by the end of the month. There was also a Clubhouse discussion about decentralized governance across platforms, as well as an AMA, this week. Dan’s plans clearly go beyond Clarion. Check out what he had to say regarding bridging old projects with recent development:

Imagine combining #EOS, Eden, and a http://Hive.blog ... behind a single easy to use decentralized interface all integrated with #Clarion...moderating content and rewarding contributors...

Donations for EOSpowerup and Swiss Workshop

EOSpowerup.io seems to have already lifted spirits and inspired the ecosystem. Consider the donation made by EOS Argentina:

We've just donated 100 EOS to ...eospowerup.  A great service that provides accounts with free transactions!...

EOS Israel praised the act and its importance in helping users during the transition. More than most cryptocurrencies, the EOS ecosystem is about community. It’s about both infrastructure support and education. This focus on being the gateway for traditional economics to move to crypto was again illustrated by collaboration in a Swiss Workshop.

Dapp Network Update

EdgeOS is a significant advancement for the Dapp Network:

EdgeOS could be the ideal platform for Layer-2 solutions, oracles, p2p apps, and even new blockchains. At the same time, EdgeOS’s applications go beyond blockchain-related services.

Tal Muskal explained how the Dapp Network can connect traditional applications with crypto via EdgeOS:

"You can have a service that supports your application, like an SQL server or things that you would run conventionally on #Amazon or a cloud provider and run a command on-chain and a DSP will run that process."

The speed of innovation at LiquidApps is amazing. There seems to be an umatched talent for successful bridge building across blockchian ecosystems.

Block.one Wire

A few developmental notices from Block.one this week:

...Find out what the community-led PowerUp resource system means for #EOSIO developers...

Interview with the Holder of the Golden Ticket, a One-of-a-Kind Blankos

Imagine a world where not only can players run, fly, pounce, shoot, and create their world, but also own their characters. Now imagine holding the keys to a one-of-a-kind NFT-based character. Keep in mind that the world in which you can fly about pouncing on your rival and create racing and shooter games is all directed by creative minds and highly-regarded artists. Watch how the Reaper and friends react to discovering the unique Blankos while revealing the golden foil.

NFT Wire

EOS has not been as fast to embrace the NFT craze as WAX. The EOS community is larger and more diverse. The need to firmly establish a new resource system took precedence. With the PowerUp complete, the first NFT packs arrived on EOS in the Dream BIG collection. dotGems congratulated GPK for selling out so quickly. Chestahedron Artefacts NFTs sold out within hours. April’s second EOS Go Card was released. Also, a roundtable was held on the 15th to discuss artists and creating art on blockchain.

The CryptoFinney Report

Apparently, CryptoFinney has been so busy trekking over the Earth that he(she?) needs an independent Report. Among the aspects eyed by the Finney Innovation Team has been burning mechanics. Also this week, it rained Genesis Finney Coins from dotGems. There was also a themed giveaway. Did CryptoFinney do more this week? You betcha. For now, just know that while the first round of NFT rewards is complete, you can still earn a Membership card by being active in the community. You can find the first chapter of the origin story and more information about the Burning Party on the 22nd at Cryptowriter.


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