Who is CryptoFinney?

CryptoFinney is a dope NFT project on the WAX and EOS blockchains, brought to you by the creators of the community-driven crypto publication network Cryptowriter.

CryptoFinney is born out of the story of Finney, a Cryptowriter comic about a loveable android who comes to earth to discover and learn about crypto. Not long after arriving, Finney is discovered by the sleazy Mr. Shift, who takes a liking to Finney because he’s made out of gold.

Read the 1st chapter of Finney’s story HERE.

CryptoFinney is born from the distribution of 10,000 Shift Gold Coins which are divided in half and delivered for free to active community members on both the WAX and EOS blockchains. At 8PM EST on 04/22/2021 burn activation will be enabled, allowing holders to burn coins in exchange for uniquely awesome CryptoFinneys.

Learn more about CryptoFinney’s burn mechanics HERE

The uniqueness of a CryptoFinney stems from its metal type, as well as its many potential attributes. CryptoFinneys of the same metal type can be burned and leveled up to multiple ranks. A low allotment of themed CryptoFinney’s will be added to the coin burn, with the rest available for auction. The culmination of these variables makes for fascinating game theory and a lot of fun for all those who participate. There is without a doubt, a CryptoFinney for everyone.

View all themed CryptoFinney’s HERE.

How to get Gold Finney Coins:

We love to reward active community members with Gold Finney Coins so get active by engaging with our various channels.

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