EOSweekly: EOSTARTER, Liquid ETH, Chintai-Bovil, Prospectors, R-Planet, Voice, Ultra, NFT Standard, B1, EdenOS, and Finney

Can EOSTARTER funding, LiquidApp’s Ethereum bridge and the Chintai-Bovil licensing partnership awake the early dreams of EOS Dawn? Games galore as Prospectors begins its Grand Land sale, R-Planet releases new elements, and Ultra ventures to ascend gaming. Also this week, Voice released some more Residency news and cXc.world proposed an NFT standard. And as always, information coordinated from the B1 Wire, around the EdenOS community, and the Finney Report.


EOSTARTER... Enough Said

Among the most heated issues around EOS discussion groups is that of project funding. Most around the community consider EOSVC a disappointment. The promise of a billion dollars in support of ecosystem development has instead often gone to non-EOS-based projects. This is why the mandate behind EOSTARTER is such a big deal. Here's part of it:

The idea behind EOSTARTER is to build a platform that is powered by …, governed by …, and for the benefit of the community… 

It's a clear directive with core objectives centered around community. EOSTARTER is one of the brightest hopes for the future of the ecosystem. Co-founder Hernan After released the official announcement this week.

Liquid Ethereum

What is it about LiquidApps that seems to foster hope? If you've been in EOS a while you’ve heard the name. It always accompanies respect. If you investigated LiquidApps then the rest of this entry is thought candy. You know that the team is about building bridges to leverage the full potential of EOS. My hope is that by now you understand that the recent Ethereum bridge test is merely one effort in a vast undertaking to complete the ultimate blockchain network. It’s about large scale practical applications of distributed systems.

Chintai Licensing is Closer with Bovil Partnership 

Chintai partnered with Bovill, an international regulatory consultancy. It’s potentially a big step toward crypto acceptance. The Chintai platform is important because it can cut compliance costs by over 50%.  Bovil was chosen because of its technical expertise in the finance industry. Support for digital assets solutions was particularly singled out. The Chintai team believe that Bovil will help reach its licensing goals.

Prospectors’ Land Sale Glitchy Sell Out

The Grand Land sale has finally started. 2,900 lands were sold at $150. The large sale will require PGL. To ensure distribution, every account was held at a 10 minute cool-down following each purchase. The system was almost instantly overrun. Before many could ever bid, timers had been reset. A rush of buyers was overwhelming for the account ram. This didn’t stop 500 resale properties from instantly entering the market. Lucky resellers instantly double or triple their investment. For HODLers, even grander excitement awaits as Prospectors game mechanics get an upgrade.

R-Planet New Elements

Excitement garnering around R-Planet exceeds its perceived innovative brilliance. Illustrating this point is the non-stop commotion following the third rig sale all while the community raced to invent new items. As new NFT elements' generation slowed, the community immediately began to grow restless. Then, before the full flavor of distaste spread, new elements and staking options appeared. If there’s this much commotion during evacuation, just imagine what the launch will be like.

Voice Update

If you're wondering about voice, rest assured that the team is actively engaged with creators and making progress towards revolutionizing social media. There's a different flavor about a platform that embraces NFT technology at its core. Here's some news out of the camp this week:Misan Harriman

  • “NFTs help us fulfill the promise of the internet, …”

  • Q&A with photographer, creative director and cultural commentator Misan Harriman

  • Voice CEO Salah Zalatimo praised Nicole Ruggier for an ingenious application of a glb file that responds to a viewer’s touch and can be incorporated into a 3D map for use in augmented reality.

Ultra Gets Ready to Redefine Gaming

Ultra announced its final update prior to the mainnet launch. As a complete gaming solution, Ultra is poised to transform gaming and associated digital assets as they’re known today. The Ultra platform will connected both centralized and decentralized services in at least the following areas:

  • gameplay 

  • discovery

  • purchases and sales

  • live-streaming feeds

  • interacting with influencers

  • contests and tournaments

Lead Product Owner, Martin Le Masson, expressed the team's pride in the ease of blockchain account creation and a seamless ready-to-use wallet. For those wondering about native UOS tokens, Ultra assures that they will be easily swappable for ERC 20 tokens. Ultra means to make its platform available to various communities around the world. To help accomplish its objectives, Ultra hired 8 new colleagues. The team is still looking to fill 20 positions and expects more to open up. Among the key areas include backend and blockchain engineers, as well as a product owner and scrum master.

Proposed Standard for Music NFTs

Music is often compared to visual arts. However, there are substantial differences that the industry bears alone. Like movies, listeners expect easy, fast searchable databases. Unlike movies and shows, individual songs can be brief. cXc.world takes advantage of blockchain with users and creators in mind. It's music NFT (schema) standard eases technical aspects and dissemination. cXc.world even developed a whole blockchain curation system.

B1 Wire and EOS at 3

This week Block.one focused on the “real-life solutions” overviewed on it’s #BuiltOnEOSIO series. There you’ll find numerous projects and the advantages they provide over traditional systems. Another important hot topic is that of the Stake-Base Voting & Rewards proposal. You’re encouraged to share your thoughts. B1 also brought attention to a video discussing the way Nodeos clustering improves network integrity and asked developers which 2.1 feature benefited them most. A couple of weeks ago, the state of the EOS mainnet turning 3 was briefly examined. A lot goes into deploying a mainnet which makes agreeing on it’s exact birthdate a bit of a quandary. B1 also retweeted EOS Authority’s ‘official birthday’ celebration of June 14, 2018.

Around EdenOS Community(s)

Real world crypto solutions are starting to get to be old news around here. OK, not really, but it’s no longer a shock. Check out the new heights reached this week:

EdenOS is about the pure concepts of democracy. Fractal governance on blockchain provides for solutions that would be otherwise impossible. As all the multifaceted elements come together people wonder if EOS should hold the top market cap position.

Cryptowriter (Finney) Report

While we await the CryptoFinney roadmap, we can discuss the leaked Crypto Finney Bunny image set to launch on July 10th. If you’re a Finney fan then also look into Brendan Woodward’s monthly State of CryptoFinney series. Some of the other Cryptowriter articles covering news around the EOS community and greater ecosystem include:

  • Round 7 Cryptowriter NFT Engagement Winners!

  • EOSTARTER Launches to Incubate EOS Innovation

  • Where Is All The XRP Crypto Art?

  • US Federal Reserve moves towards increase interest rates

  • NFTs and Adult Entertainment

  • Update: Nifty Gateway's 889th Problem

Cryptowriter Podcast Network episodes for this week include:

  • Roundtable - Groundbreaking Series Art in the WAX NFT Space

  • Crypto Artist Karen Eng

  • EOSTARTER, Hernan Arber

  • Brendan Woodward, The State of Finney 2

  • Ricardo Brochado, NFTs

This week also saw a Cryptowriter Tee promo.


EOSweekly is a roundup of recent news within the ecosystem. Unique needs and services continue to emerge as the advantages of blockchain technology are realized. Easy access to information becomes increasingly important for these expansive networks.

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