EOSweekly: Pomelo, pNetwork, .gems, Google Cloud, Foundation, EdenOS, GenDrops

Pomelo gets intimate with the EOS Foundation. pNetwork tokens lock up hundreds of millions. .gems host environmentally conscious, mechanical frogs. Is Google Cloud ready to make a splash on EOS? More Foundation stuff, there’s always Foundation stuff. EdenOnEOS surpasses 200+ members. No, you didn’t miss Finney on ETH; GenDrops moved it back to the 25th.


Pomelo Boosts EOS Foundation Efforts

Pomelo flows out of EOS Nation’s vision. Add to that interest from the EOS Foundation and the project warrants a lot of excitement. Yves La Rose discussed a profound and potentially lucrative use case for Pomelo. Central to both ventures is getting new projects off the ground. The Foundation would stretch itself thin trying to cater to each new request. This is where Pomelo can help out in a big way. Modeled after Gitcoin, Pomelo can streamline the process for grant applications. Developers get their voices heard while funding is best allocated through Pomelo and the Foundation doing what each does best.

pNetwork Tokens at $200+ Million

One of the quietest disruptive teams in cross-chain technology is pNetwork. It continues to warrant increased attention. Over 10 supported blockchains , pNetwork is about “composable liquidity”. Dapps gain access to a suite of open source tools. The pNetwork team understands that not everyone is an expert blockchain developer. With an increasing number of eyes on the crypto space and the importance of liquidity, pNetwork tools are ready and user friendly. The network continues to break records, most recently with an all-time high of over $200 million locked in pTokens. However, that’s not what puts it in the spotlight today. It’s the new incentives program, a collaboration with another hot ticket- Defibox.

.gems’ New Creative Partnership

Quality is what distinguishes a .gems project. The team’s creative partnerships include Pomelo, Dream Big, Spicy Rares, Street.gems, and now Frogs. Canadian artist Heidi Taillefer is behind the Frogs series which premiers on WAX on September 19th. She has an impressive resume that includes Cirque du Soleil. In Frogs, Heidi paints miniature mechanical frogs. Her initial intent was to criticize PoW systems accused of adverse environmental impact. As she continued to explore all the possibilities of NFTs in discussion with .gems, Heidi re-positioned her target to join eco-friendly WAX. Mechanical frogs remain the theme. They are a powerful representation of biomarkers and early warning signs of environmental catastrophe.

An Operating System for Enterprises: Google Cloud and  J.P. Morgan

Months ago, Google Cloud surprised the community with its interest in becoming a block producer. Recently, Google Cloud headed a charge of corporate interest in the EOS mainnet. Here's what Brendan Blumer had to say on the matter:

He also commented on J.P. Morgan's SPAC role:

EOSEden reiterated the corporate interest and welcomed anyone willing to make a significant contribution for a better EOS. Also know that Google Cloud remains aware of community discourse regarding its standing as a BP.

EOS Foundation Fuels 30+ Projects

In the coming weeks, the EOS Foundation expects to name over 30 projects as recipients of its recognition grants. The Foundation plans to distribute funds in bi-weekly waves. As previously mentioned, Pomelo will play a major role in determining grant recipients. Additionally, Zack Gall took to telegram to announce the multi-signature releasing 200,000 EOS to the genesis.eden account. Note that there is an automated 72-hour window for BP's to review. This comes in anticipation of the first election to be held on October 9th.

B1 Wire: Voice and Bullish Settle in for the Long Haul

A quiet week around B1. The team is allowed brief down periods, especially following public beta tests of both Voice and Bullish. Even so, Salah Zalatimo took time to discuss a major meetup in NYC where he will be speaking. He also posted a thread about NFTs and taxes. Voice again brought attention to environmental impacts in an article by the Gothamist that looks at the implications of high numbers of NFTs residing on Ethereum. Brendan Blumer posted a thread about how miners and block producers have maintained EOS and Bitcoin decentralized from the start. The US government recognizes both as currencies and not securities. It's something that few cryptocurrencies can claim.

Around EdenOnEOS: 200 Members Strong

Daniel Larmier touched upon EdenOnEOS membership numbers. We surpassed 200 members and grew by 25% this past week! Each new member that signs up for the October 9th election brings in another 200 EOS. Governing the EOS mainnet is a key mandate of EdenOnEOS. No other blockchain comes close to what’s happening here. For more about funding and fractal democracy, become a member and join the community telegram. Sometimes, maintaining a handle on all that transpires can be overwhelming. Once you find a BP and/or group you trust, you may wish to proxy your vote. EOS Rate provides quick, yet meaningful, analysis. For those wishing to start or directly support a project, a list of those needing funding can be found on EOS Community Forums

Cryptowriter (Finney) Report: Worth the Wait

Finney’s Ethereum release was pushed back to the 25th. The reason for the delay was to ensure that Finney is the first project launched on GenDrops. UNDRGRD is being developed alongside GenDrops and expects to lay the foundation for groundbreaking NFT ventures. Sean was on NFT Gamer TV discussing Finney this week. Check out what he had to say and how Finney is being received by other communities. Remember to join Finney discord to keep up with a growing community. This week’s EOSIO relevant Cryptowriter articles:

Check out the videos on Cryptowriter Podcast Network:


EOSweekly is a roundup of recent news within the ecosystem. Unique needs and services continue to emerge as the advantages of blockchain technology are realized. Easy access to information becomes increasingly important for these expansive networks.

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