EOSweekly: Ultra Revenue Sharing, 2nd Mock Election Update, a Blockchain DL, NFT Drops Mobile App, Chainflux EdenOnEOS, and Finney


Ultra Live goes live and introduces revenue sharing. The second trial election is around the corner. Korea’s puts its driver’s license on blockchain. Nifty Drops to be the first universal mobile NFT app. B1 spotlights Chainflux. And as always, around EdenOnEOS and this week’s Rolo-ut of the Finney Report.


Ultra Live and Developer Revenue Sharing

When the Ultra mainnet went live it marked a new era in gaming. The team is dedicated to developing a revolutionary ecosystem centering around digital asset ownership: 

Since 2018, we’ve been working hard to build an ecosystem that rewards players and game developers

The platform is “focused on NFTs” and streaming, but there’s so much more. Take revenue sharing for example. It makes promoting new games all the easier. The feature enables game developers to mark a percentage of the initial sales for enticing new users. This also expects to be an aspect that will enable influencers to really shine. Just imagine what’s possible even by next year.

Trial Election Part 2

On July 17, 2021 at 17:00 UTC, EdenOnEOS will hold Trial Election II. More than 2,500 EOS has been budgeted for those elected to distribute as they see fit. Fractal democracy is among the most important things to happen to EOS. Benefits can be seen already in how well EOS Power Up works. Issues like the timely publications of interest to the community becomes directly incentivized. The mock election is open to everyone. You can register here! Existing members should take time now to register to help ascertain turnout numbers and ease the efforts of volunteers. To listen to what the Satoshi from the first mock election has to say, visit the EOSIO Workshop #9 by NovaCypto. We in the community are really excited about EdenOnEOS. Don’t worry if you’re the forgetful type; there’ll be another reminder next week. 

Korea’s Driver’s License Goes Blockchain

Korea exhibits one of the strongest national interests for the advancement of blockchain. RaonSecure added to the legacy by announcing the development of a blockchain-based driver’s license. However, it's about more than just driver’s licenses. RaonSecure led the development of a nextgen identification system based on blockchain. Initial features will include face-to-face identification, credentials for a variety of services, as well as making many existing DL use cases easier. Block.one must either really have taken to the project or has some sort of vested interest to have tweeted about it this week.

RAON is a publicly traded Korean-based company that directly impacts over 1,000 organizations in areas of security and authentication. 

Nifty Drops: Universal NFT Mobile App

Both collectors and creators will benefit from the Nifty Drops mobile app. The first of its kind, Nifty Drops makes searching through scheduled drops as easy and fast as can be:

...Nifty Drops app comprises a calendar of live and upcoming NFT drops where NFT collectors can quickly and easily swipe through to view the latest NFT drops and click directly through to the NFT marketplace to bid on and buy the NFTs that catch their eye.

Initial drop sharing is free by submitting a link on the telegram group. Creators will soon be able to share directly to the calendar. The owner of the app, Nifty Inc., claims to be

…the first IOS and Android App to feature live NFT drops across ALL blockchains.

B1 Wire: Chainflux

Not much news out of Block.one this week. Chainflux was spotlighted on the EOSIO blog for its promise to deliver a universal regulatory solution for supply chain traceability and verification. Is the B1 team focused on a Bullish release? Is the focus squarely on supporting the Voice team for a Summer launch? While B1 did tweet about Korea’s blockchain DL and the much anticipated Ultra mainnet going live, it was otherwise quiet around B1 itself. Or, maybe the staked-based voting proposal consumed efforts as EOS Detroit introduced recommendations. For developers looking for something more from B1, there was a brief announcement about installing EOSIO binaries.

Around EdenOnEOS

EdenOS and ClarionOS were introduced to the community at about the same time. Clarion was actually first. This week's Crypto Apologist Bot takes a look at Clarion as a social layer to match the governance of EdenOS. Trial Election Part 2, I know, I know, I already mentioned the EdenOnEOS second mock election above. And sure, I promised another reminder next week. Here are two more compelling reasons to register from @EOSEden. Learn more here

Cryptowriter (Finney) Report: Rolo-ut!

If you thought that either KillerFinney by Ultra Rare Collectables or WarFinnney who's already got his own posse would be this week’s headliner you’d be wrong. Finney.world released last week and there was no shortage of new content. Even still, I’m sure no one will argue if Rolo takes the cover shot. Also on the NFT spectrum this week was an interesting adaptation of Finney by JNK10, also a Rolo fan. See the winners of Round 9 of the most engaged users. Check out these and all the Cryptowriter articles that support a healthy ecosystem in and around the EOS:

Cryptowriter Podcast Network episodes for this week:


EOSweekly is a roundup of recent news within the ecosystem. Unique needs and services continue to emerge as the advantages of blockchain technology are realized. Easy access to information becomes increasingly important for these expansive networks.

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