I worry that when LiquidApps makes it possible to send EOS NFTs to WAX that the EOS NFTs will render oddly on the WAX AtomicHub Market Place (and that this will be the case for any non-native NFT on the market places of any non-native blockchain). Possible issues could be a lack of Whitelisting, the data associated with the NFT not displaying correctly in the non-native marketplaces, or some other technical issues that mean the non-native assets appear in a distorted way. This will make the NFTs themselves potentially worth less, even though they've been transferred to the WAX environment where there would theoretically be a stronger market for them.

I also worry what this will do to CryptoFinney 1.0 assets. At the moment they are holding their value well on both the EOS and WAX blockchains. This is because the Cryptowriter team seem to have struck the right note in terms of supply-side mechanics with the coin allocation system drip feeding the market in a manner that allows the assets to maintain value. When the bridge opens however, it will pave the way for 5,000 EOS CryptoFinney 1.0 assets to flood the WAX market. If the issue mentioned above regarding asset integration on AtomicHub is not an issue, this influx of supply may flood the market in a manner that devalues the existing WAX assets (and possibly the EOS ones as well).

Thirdly, EOS is still far from maturity in terms of being a serious NFT blockchain. Whilst the capabilities to support NFTs are there, the market just isn't, unless you're Cryptowriter. This gives me concern in the sense that if all EOS NFT's can be sent over the bridge to WAX, there will be nothing left on EOS, which could be a great setback to EOS in terms of further NFT innovation.

With all of this in mind I have mixed feelings about the proposed NFT bridge from EOS to WAX.

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Every single week and EOS has no time to scratch its back. Well we are here to do that for EOS. As a famous philosopher say each week: Go EOS! (Crypto Apologist Bot hope you are here :p).

I'm really excited for the Bullish exchange. Bull season is ahead of us, so bullish for Bullish!!

Thanks for this week's episode.

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I'm very nervous for Bullish exchange, I hope they succeed, it will be great for the EOS ecosystem.

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Finney art contest is thrilling! I've had a few works on it. I'm looking forward to the results!

Thank you for bringing whole week together.

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very nice works mate. You should continue this kind of work.

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Thank you!

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Congratulations on the Web Authen integration work for the EOS Mainnet.

Congratulations to EOS.

EOS has a tremendous team and they are working very hard.

I am looking forward to how NFTs can be transferred from WAX to Ethereum with the DAPP network and what kind of market cap will be created.

This beautiful work will add strength to the NFT world.

You can see how much EOS values ​​blockchain with its innovations in many areas.

Also, thank you for letting us know about the ModiHost project. You can be sure that I will investigate this project more.

Finally, I really liked the idea of ​​Chintai co-founder Ryan Bethem to "create a financial system with no operational bias towards social status, monetary wealth or power position".

Thanks to the Cryptowriter family.

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Nft bridge between Wax and EOS would be really awesome.

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You give us exciting updates every week, these are really special news. Thank you for your article.

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Thanks as always for keeping us updated!!

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another long and informative eosweekly

I think I'm addicted to eos. now i have learned so much about eos that i tell everyone to research eos

the new wax-etherium network was absolutely necessary. We talked about this in previous articles. While the nft platform is so advanced, making an nft network is a very right decision.

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It's impossible to research EOS and not like it. Everyone should know.

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Thank you for compiling and commenting on the articles and developments we have followed all week.

It has been a week of many wonderful developments without a break.

finney membership card drops are awesome

I like to follow and learn about developments and innovations from Cryptowriter.

I am grateful to all our authors.

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In this week's eosweekly article, the issue that caught my attention the most was the EOS-ETH bridge.

I hope this initiative of DAPP will make a big impact in the nft world. And it brings good things to the Nft world.

Thanks for giving us valuable EOS information and keeping it up to date.

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Dapp will bring a very nice air to the Nft world.

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it seems so 😎

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The bridge caught my attention. I've always tried to understand bridges. How it works, what it is, how it is done.

EOS continues with great improvements. It will be in very different places when its value is understood.

Many thanks for the weekly update summary and information.

Have a nice day.

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Thanks for the awesome weekly update Marco

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Another great Eosweekly. I love this week's summary. It's a reminder of what we used to do. It sometimes makes me go back and read the articles again.

The ETH-Eos bridge is also awesome. Bridges are very important in the crypto market. It even determines the value of what you have. Because it provides availability.

I think that the whole crypto world will be connected with a very large bridge project in the future. I'm excited to even imagine it. Even the smallest piece of NFT will then see its true value.

Congratulations to the Finney family. Frankly, I consider myself a part of it. We're not crowded yet, but we're a strong community. We are a long way. I believe we will achieve many things. Thanks for the nice post.

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I think NFT network transfers would be great. Prices would be very balanced and stable.

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Thanks for the weekly update.

Love the EOS nation.

So innovative and fresh!

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Exciting developments on EOS and thanks for other updated information Marco.

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There is an update every week, really, thank you.

EOS continues to evolve day by day. We see how hard EOS is working and I think we agree that it will be very successful.

And I think Dapp's initiative will shake up the NFT world.

Thanks for the updated articles!

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