Finney Vol. 1 Pack Sale

Finney’s story is about to be told... are you ready?

Volume 1 Pack Drop - 20th August, 6PM EST

Finney Vol. 1 - Immutable Journey is the first of many long-form comic book releases that will follow Finney on his journey to Earth to learn about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The inaugural release is made up of 25 unique artworks including five different rarities and various airdrop rewards. 

We’ve been lucky enough to work with the magnificent team from FACINGS to put this drop together, so you can expect the amazing artwork and design elements that are standard from Rob, Lars, and the rest of the FACINGS team.

Set Design

In total there will be 9,702 packs minted with 9,120 for sale, the remaining 585 packs will be distributed between the Writer & FACINGS teams to be used for various marketing, and mining incentives, like our upcoming Shift NFT Vault.

The total pack sales breakdown is as follows;

  • 5,626 x $10 Standard Print packs, with at least 5 cards inside, and;

  • 3,494 x $40 Deluxe Print packs, with at least 20 cards inside.

Look for special roll inserts (Epic, Legendary and Mythic cards) which add to the amount of cards in packs! Deluxe Print packs have a 66% chance of a special roll insert while Standard Print packs have a 30% chance. 

There are three frequency tiers, each of these are additional chances. So a pack of 5 cards could actually have eight if you were to roll a hit on the three additional rolls for Platinum, Gold and Rhodium.

Cards are pre-minted and rarities are ranked as follows: 

Standard Packs:

100% Cover A

27.37% Common, Base - Ink / Colour

24.56% Uncommon, Timelapse Sketch

13.68 Limited, Narrated - Ink

7.02% Rare, Animated Narrated - Colour

31.58% Epic, Frequency Platinum - (/210)

2.46% Legendary, Frequency Gold - (/21)

0.15% Mythic, Frequency Dark Rhodium - (1/1)

Deluxe Packs:

100% Cover B

26.12% Common, Base - Ink / Colour

22.71% Uncommon, Timelapse Sketch

15.33% Limited, Narrated - Ink

9.71% Rare, Animated Narrated - Colour

67.80% Epic, Frequency Platinum - (/210)

7.91 % Legendary, Frequency Gold - (/21)

0.32% Mythic, Frequency Dark Rhodium - (1/1)

Airdrop Cards:

Collector Edition - AHA Moment (Chapter 22)

Purchase Rewards - Cover Variants and Empty Wrappers 

More to come…

Promotional NFT Giveaways 

We’ve partnered with a bunch of Finney’s friends (NFT projects/influencers on WAX) to help spread the word, and distribute our promo cards. These aren’t your typical promo cards as only 100 will ever be minted! Act fast to make sure you’re in with a chance to win one. Click here for the tweet.

On top of this, we have the #FinneyGlobal competition running through the drop till the 22nd of August. We’ve already seen some impressive entries as our community comes together to make Finney a global phenomenon! Click here for more info (the prize pool is huge)!

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We value our community and love welcoming new members, so be sure to join us in our public community Telegram group, and the FACINGS Discord or Telegram as we all get ready for Finney’s arrival!

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