How To Generate High Revenue If You Own A Land In The SandBox

In Part 1 of this series, we talked about the journey of a landowner immediately after purchase. We talked about using discord to build a network and also about easy solutions (Renting, Staking, etc). But for higher revenues, gamifying your land is always better.

In the Game Maker software (free download from The Sandbox website), you can choose to create an experience from scratch or use an existing template. The choice depends on the way you understand various land dynamics. Some of these fundamentals are stated below:

Size: Each land consists of - 96 blocks deep, 96 blocks wide, 128 blocks high. Each block will need particular care during design; hence your strategy must be to start small and compact and then have a plan to scale up.

Themes: There are various types of themes - Lake, Desert, Nether, Meadow, Antarctica, and Jungle Islands. In case you are building from scratch, you need to select the right theme.

Templates: There are multiple templates available in the game maker. You can select your preferred template and move the positions of various assets and play around with attributes, till the time you think you have got what you wanted.

Creators for hire:

If you are now overwhelmed by the various dynamics of the land, you have the option of hiring a third party that will help you develop your idea. Some of these artists are well reputed and have worked with top people like ‘Whaleshark’. The below are some points you need to keep in mind when you evaluate studios:

Pricing: The pricing of land depends on the complexity of the design. A full-blown experience in 1 x 1 land might cost around $10k - $20k. Evaluate all the service providers and get quotes.

Team and Portfolio: Check out the team and their professionalism, if needed take feedback from other landowners in discord. Check if the studios are focused on blockchain gaming. Some of these studios have already worked with Decentraland and The Sandbox. Try out some of the experiences they have already created and see if you like them.

Process: You need to ensure that your idea becomes a concrete plan. This will also ensure that there are no major changes later. The more you change your goalpost the more time it will take and the more cost you will have to bear. Check if the studio is ready to work with you in the end-to-end stages of development. These include:

Concept: The studio should sit down with you in brainstorming sessions, hear your idea and help you in creating a clear vision of what you want to achieve.

Prototype: Once the conceptualization is done the studio should be ready to present the prototype, the final design in the form of sketches and 3D Models. They should be able to accommodate changes and also provide more than 1 option.

Execution: The prototypes in then built as the to-be model. Ideally, the studio takes care of the fact that the prototype is replicated as-is in the final version. You have to test multiple times the gameplay experience. Avoid making major changes at this point. You cannot shift the goal post now!

Polish: The studio should be ready to make final changes. There should also be a maintenance contract and a change management plan agreed with the studio. The studio should also provide an emergency support model.

Below are some of the Studios which provide Voxel Experience solutions:

Voxel Architects: Voxel Architects are one of the top creators with a huge portfolio which includes projects with Consensys, B 20, Cryptomotors, etc.

Tuschay Studio: Tuschay Studio has an upcoming game in the sandbox titled Funguy’s kingdom. Check out a Demo Trailer below:

Other studios include Metaverse builder, Polygonal Mind, Filmore XR, etc.

I hope this article provided you some clarity on a very difficult subject, particularly for beginners. The Sandbox also conducts certification programs. Watch out for the same. This might be of great value in the future.

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