My Mid-Year 2021 Portfolio ( 0 – 70%)

I sold all my Bitcoin. There I said it! I sold it when it was $54k. Did I anticipate this bear market? Well not really. It was a routine disciplinary step. Sell it at a certain ‘x's. It did work. Would I buy back Bitcoin at these lower rates? Of, course. But, also, my money is invested in another project I think would give more returns. We will talk about it in the coming sections.

A portfolio is like Ether floating in the Cosmos. It takes its shape in each market cycle, it gets stretched or concentrated. A rigid portfolio that is unable to adapt is destined to die. You can not predict the next Apple and go all in. You will have to identify potential Apples. If you are lucky, you might find Napster.

A bear market portfolio is tricky. As the market dips, the dynamics change. A bull market portfolio is easier. You put your money on any decent coin and you can make a profit. Immediately as the market crashed, my portfolio crashed, 50, 60%. My only profit is the money that I cashed out during the peak or reinvested in other projects. Keeping those profit categories aside, what should I do with my immediate portfolio. My portfolio was mostly concentrated on the Big Guns. Binance Coin, Ethereum, Polkadot, Cardano, Enjin. Is it a time to change? Even the big ones are down. Should I diversity and take some risks? I think yes. So I adopted a 2-way strategy:

a) buy low with my profits

b) invest in low caps

So here is my current Portfolio:

BINANCE COIN (33%): Binance Coin reached a high of more than $600 and is down 50%. It has been through a lot of controversy regarding compliance in the US. But it still is the best-centralized exchange. I am staking BNB in Binance Chain and getting a reward of 10-20% in BNB. This is a big amount considering the price of BNB. Sometimes just by unstaking the BNB rewards, I can purchase some other coin. I also believe that whenever a new wave of adopters joins crypto, Binance is their primary onboarding platform. Add to that the various offerings of Binance: Travala, Vault, Binance Pay, Binance Chain Ecosystem, etc.

CARDANO (22%): Cardano has done nothing special yet and is still a promise. But a close observation will tell you that there is progress and the achievement of the Road Map is just a matter of time. I was able to buy Cardano very cheaply and hence retain such a high percentage in my portfolio. I do not intend to sell it as many milestones are going to be achieved soon, and also, there is a big opportunity to earn an airdrop token using the new ISPO Model. I am hoping that this model works. I have written in detail about it in my previous article.

Cardano: Initial StakePool Offerings (ISPO) And The Exciting Times Ahead
I follow Cardano closely. A few months back as I was writing my previous articles on Cardano, I felt that it is important to follow the early-stage projects developing on Cardano. You don’t want to miss out on a new project that gets a grant from the Foundation. Such projects are usually thoroughly vetted by the community and the trust level and transpa……
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ETHEREUM(15%): My exposure to Ethereum has reduced. It has come down almost by 20%. This is not because I don’t like Ethereum. I love Ethereum and I think it has a very bright future. But for now, I think it has moved back to development mode and there is still some time for the next wave of development to be implemented in practice. My Ethereum currently is sitting useless. I am not confident in locking it for unlimited time to get staking rewards. Not I am eager to spend it on gas fees. Also just like Bitcoin, the Ethereum Ecosystem is filled with Maximalists and there is just too much mud-slinging. It makes me off and I would like to take a temporary break from the Ethereum ecosystem. So I sold off that 20% of Ethereum and… purchased Polkadot.

So yes, 70% of my portfolio is in 3 of the Top 10 coins, still playing safe. I also plan to take an entry into Bitcoin. Now comes the interesting part. The remaining 30% of my portfolio, that’s where I would take the major risk and experiment. I will talk about them in the next article.

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