I got into crypto world last december, when the price of Bitcoin was 23k$. I learnt everything by making trades on Bitcoin and I don't regret about selling it, what I regret is BNB. I wasn't into alts since I was trying to learn the basics of crypto, that's why I only saw BNB as commission fee on Binance, now I recall it was a mistake. When I first got little amount of BNB for commission, its price was 35$. I saw the potential when it hit 170$ and I was lucky to get some.

I think you are right about what BNB is capable of, but if I was in the area for 2-3 years surely I would be ETH maximalist. I think in future BNB and ETH will be in close competition, and they will have lead over most of the alts.

Thank you for the article, not everyone talks about their portfolio and give its percentage. I appreciate your opinions, because it gives an idea about portfolio management. Now I'm off to the second part!

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I don't think opportunities end. I'm sure you'll find a new opportunity and take it.

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My entry into the crypto world was by buying some BNB. I started investing by listening to badumtisss' suggestion. We keep each other informed of innovations. In fact, he was the one who made me know about Finney and Cryptowriter. :)

I also think that especially BNB will be in a race with ETH in the coming years. Therefore, holding ETH can also be beneficial. Thank you very much for sharing your portfolio with us in such an honest way, even giving a percentage.

It's time to read the second part! Thanks Ruma!

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It's good to start with BNB. I think it's solid and successful. I made my first investment when I was XRP pump. And I bought it with all my money. And then I lost 60% of my money. I thought about quitting, but the money I lost caused me ambition. I searched a lot. I spent an entire day researching the crypto world. I then managed to fold my principal. I learned a lot from a bad experience. What I learned is enough for me. I'd say money doesn't matter

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So, it may be a good choice to divide all the money we have into different cryptocurrencies rather than investing in one cryptocurrency. We learn something new every day.

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The BNB is really strong. Behind it is the world's largest stock exchange. The burns are really too much. But if Cz resigns (which he said he will). BnB can be very shaken (new people get new ideas). But other than that, it's very useful.

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I think everyone should create their own strategy.

It should establish risk management by supporting it with research without rushing.

After making a certain profit, we can move forward by loosening our strategy a little more, that is, by taking risks.

Without exaggerating of course.

Personally, I think that I can make more accurate decisions with a more comfortable and positive psychology with my remaining profit after receiving the main money I invested.

Finally, instead of being dependent on one token, I can make a basket of various tokens by doing some research.

Also, I like to have money on the side so that I don't miss out on sudden opportunities that come sometimes.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

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It is important to be disciplined and patient in the stock market, it will definitely bring you good results. This is a really good thing.

This is a really successful portfolio. Thanks for your ideas on portfolio management.

And thanks for the article too.

Now I will move on to the second part.

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you are an investor to be imitated

While everyone was buying 54 thousand BTC, you sold it. There are not many people in the market doing this.

Being disciplined and having ideals allows you to win in the stock market.

I will praise bnb a little. This year, nfts and defi projects were on the agenda, but it should not be forgotten that stock market coins are also on the rise. I think bnb will reach the level of 2000 dollars, but there is another coin as valuable as bnb, don't be surprised if the coin of the gate exchange gt is 50x this year.

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YES, exchange coins are very important. So I invested in exchange coins. But in them, the BNB has a separate place. There's a whole network like the BSC. So I don't think we can compare with GATE right now. But this market looks at developments. One day we may also see a more powerful GT than the BNB. Hopefully new ATH will do it as soon as possible.

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On the one hand, it was very good that you sold it for 54 thousand. Your risk-taking sale has worked. But as you said, you need to buy it again at these prices.

These prices are very cheap. If we think about the future. When we look at these falling prices, we smile.

In 2016, it dropped from $800 to less than $500. Now it has dropped to $30,000 levels. The truth is, these numbers make people smile.

It is an investment vehicle with a clear future in this technology age. Of course, sometimes we have to sell and buy again, taking into account the risk.

Thanks for your valuable article and comments.

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This is a great Portfolio, as if the only thing missing is finding a suitable entry for bitcoin.

good coins that always give confidence.

you know them and you are good.

they will bring you profit.

Thank you for sharing this portfolio with us.

Thanks for your great article.

I'm going to read your next article.

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You sir are very disciplined. Congrats on your profits.

*taking notes here*

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It's a good thing you're disciplined. A habit that helps a person in all aspects of life. In the stock market or in some area of life. It was smart of you to sell it. Frankly, my feelings and goals prevented me from selling. I'm new and I'm constantly taking lessons.

This part of your portfolio looks pretty good and planned. No surprises here. I think I'm waiting for a surprise in the 30% part. And it's very brave of you to explain your portfolio.

I wish you success. I hope you always win.

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I've lost a lot because of my feelings. But if it can overcome the ambition of losing, human emotions also disappear. Patience is a key.

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I think it's a successful portfolio. Especially after the fall, a little more reliable and solid coins can keep up with the output.

Currently, most coins or tokens are almost gone. But in the bull kept winning.

I'm thinking of collecting and selling to them when people come back with fomo.

People want a full bottom or a full top. It's so hard. Even I was able to attach it very little, even though I did a lot of buying and selling.

Thanks for giving the information.

Have a nice day.

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I think your writing skill is really different and i love it

You are best at keeping Audience engaged badly with your Article and Content + You really bring topics and matters that can give knowledge to Newbie and Experienced people's too ❤️🙏

Congratulations on your BTC Profits and I believe that having BNB in the portfolio is really good

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When you own these fixed coins, they drop less than other coins when the market drop, That's why it should always be in the portfolio.

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I realized how unimportant it is to panic, I'm looking forward to the continuation of a nice portfolio.

Thanks for the article.

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Thanks Ruma! Heading to part 2 now!

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