My Mid-Year 2021 Portfolio (70– 100%)

In my previous article, I spoke about the top 70% of my current portfolio. It included Binance coin – 33%. Cardano – 22% and Ethereum – 15%. We will now look into the last 30% of my portfolio. This is where things become more interesting.

POLKADOT (15%): I increased my purse (not bag) of Polkadot. I am a fan of this project. I know quite a few core members of Parity and the way they speak. I find that this is one serious project. Polkadot is cheap and Parachain auctions have not yet started. Big Projects are coming to Polkadot, some of them moving (fully or partially) from Ethereum, for example, Enjin. Polkadot is also advancement and a Generation 3 blockchain, pioneering the concept of Relay Chain, Common good chains, etc. Parachain auctions will introduce the concept of an airdrop. To win a para chain slot, the Polkadot projects would reward you with a generous amount of their tokens proportional to the amount of DOT you lock with them.

KUSAMA (5%): Kusama is the testing ground of Polkadot. It is also a chain of its own, having its dynamics. The first phase of the Parachain Auctions is complete and a majority of my Kusama is now locked with these projects. For example, I have now received Karura tokens which I have now bootstrapped and provided liquidity in the Karura platform. Once farming is activated, I will participate with my LP Tokens. Also of these, just by locking Kusama, which I will get back anyways after the lock period.

LUKSO (5%): Trying to take a position in NFTs, I think LUKSO is one of the most important projects to come out in the coming days. It is a premier NFT Blockchain with Fashion NFTs being a major showcase. It is founded by the creator of the ERC-20 Standard. The Dematerialized, an exchange in Lukso Blockchain is doing some occasional teaser drops. The last drop got sold out in 120 seconds! Watch out for them.

POLKAFOUNDRY (2%): Well, to be honest, I believe most of the money is made in the early stages. The earlier you get in, the maximum returns you make. I have missed the boat of the most popular IDO Platforms like DAO MAKER, PAID Network, etc. I found out that Polkasmith, the canary network of Polkafoundry was participating in Kusama Parachain auctions. I did not find their rewards quite complete. Anyways they have a single IDO Platform called Ked Kite which will be cross-chain. I also found out that the price was 80% down from the all-time high. So I have taken a gamble and got in. You have to stake your PKF token to get an allocation. The minimum staking requirement is 500 PFK. To get a guaranteed allocation, you need 5000 PFK. The project is yet to showcase some big projects in the IDO platform

SAND (1%): Metaverse is the next big thing (along with Bridge Solution). Sandbox is at the forefront of it. As soon as The Sandbox goes live, its token will see much demand. I also own some NFTs for The Sandbox which I collected from their website.

DARWINIA (1%): Darwinia is a bridge solution and is also creating a metaverse of its own, called Evolution Land. I have used their platform, called Wormhole and it is quite smooth. They are a well-governed company and their Pipeline and upcoming deliverables are Red Hot.

Others (1%): Other projects in my portfolio include OccamFi (Cardano), Zilliqa, Pancake Swap, etc. I am also trying to learn to trade NFTs. This can become a full-time profession and very lucrative. For this, I am also using HEN in Tezos and hold some TEZ.

Oh! And regarding my Bitcoin, I put it in an IDO of a project. The token is not out yet, and I am kind of stuck. But I hope for the best.

Hope you like my article. If there is something very interesting you want me to look at, please put it in the comments and also mention why we all should invest in that project. I would love to have a look.

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