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Crypto Section

Helallensana’s comment on Can Blockchains actually be good for the environment?

This is a great article I really appreciate it.

The perception that all blockchains are harmful to the environment needs to change.

In particular, the corruption you mentioned in the article stands before us as a serious problem.

Think how deep this corruption is in third world countries.

this is a clear picture of how far more people are from a fair share.

While corruption makes a few rich, the people who really need help are in trouble.

Blockchain can solve this in any field.

this is inevitable for a more just world.

I think that blockchains such as eos and xrp are more efficient and this efficiency will be understood more clearly over time.

With this awareness, we will see that these environmentally friendly blockchains will be included in our lives in many areas.

we can see how states and governments are using the funds created for refugees. It is clear that this is not distributed fairly.

For this reason, blockchains should enter all financial systems as soon as possible and all transactions should be recorded on blockchains.

Thank you again for this eye-opening article.


NFT Section

cloudplan’s comment on Behind the Pixel: Erick Stow

As a designer, it's excited to see arts and new designs in the blockchain world. I love how he uses the colors in a composition. He has a strong composition all his works.

We can stare at the details each 100x100 pixels. Every details of his works want to tell us something. I really liked his work Chakra. Double symmetry technique in that artwork is ambrosial.

I can see that he loves the symmetry on his works, which i love too. Symmetry making his artworks stronger in terms of continuity.

Finally, i really wonder those artworks in a live art. Yes, i mean animation. I don't know if he does animation or not, but those patterns become insane with animation. If he would read this comment, I definitely recommend that he crown these works with animation. "Tagtool" is a wonderful app for this.

Thank you for this article, congrats and keep up the good work Eric!

EOS Section

Siferdub’s comment on EOSweekly: Web Authen, DAPP, Modihost, B1, EdenOnEOS, Finney Flexes, Chintai, and WAX OIG

I worry that when LiquidApps makes it possible to send EOS NFTs to WAX that the EOS NFTs will render oddly on the WAX AtomicHub Market Place (and that this will be the case for any non-native NFT on the market places of any non-native blockchain). Possible issues could be a lack of Whitelisting, the data associated with the NFT not displaying correctly in the non-native marketplaces, or some other technical issues that mean the non-native assets appear in a distorted way. This will make the NFTs themselves potentially worth less, even though they've been transferred to the WAX environment where there would theoretically be a stronger market for them.

I also worry what this will do to CryptoFinney 1.0 assets. At the moment they are holding their value well on both the EOS and WAX blockchains. This is because the Cryptowriter team seem to have struck the right note in terms of supply-side mechanics with the coin allocation system drip feeding the market in a manner that allows the assets to maintain value. When the bridge opens however, it will pave the way for 5,000 EOS CryptoFinney 1.0 assets to flood the WAX market. If the issue mentioned above regarding asset integration on AtomicHub is not an issue, this influx of supply may flood the market in a manner that devalues the existing WAX assets (and possibly the EOS ones as well).

Thirdly, EOS is still far from maturity in terms of being a serious NFT blockchain. Whilst the capabilities to support NFTs are there, the market just isn't, unless you're Cryptowriter. This gives me concern in the sense that if all EOS NFT's can be sent over the bridge to WAX, there will be nothing left on EOS, which could be a great setback to EOS in terms of further NFT innovation.

With all of this in mind I have mixed feelings about the proposed NFT bridge from EOS to WAX.

Ethereum Section

Upland Jones’ comment on These Three Improvements Can Make Ethereum Unstoppable

I know there is no shortage of Ethereum criticism, but this is still a young technology. We are still in the AOL days of crypto and Ethereum will be an important part of the transition to the crypto-web. I’m looking forward to these upgrades as well as future upgrade to make Eth more user friendly (and cheaper to use).

Bitcoin Section

Bahadir’s comment on Apply the 5 by 5 Rule To Put What Is Happening With the Bitcoin Price Into Perspective

Every investment vehicle rises or falls for certain reasons. These reasons sometimes affect them in the long term, and some of them are temporary.

While Bitcoin was at the level of 64 thousand dollars, it saw 30 thousand dollars in May-June.

Now the reasons for his dreams are clear: China, Elon musk, the use of fossil fuels, etc. Let's take a look at them.

If we take China; China has been trying to restrict innovations since this market existed and even before.

For example, the Google browser was introduced, banned and released the 'Baidu' browser. It produced alternatives such as 'Youku' instead of Youtube and 'WeChat' instead of Whatsapp. So you see, the problem is not Bitcoin.

On the other hand, bitcoin transactions are already limited in China. It has been this way from the very beginning, but by exaggerating this situation, the American financial media, which describe such a situation as if it is the first time, are the biggest criminals in my eyes.

There has been a lot of good news since May. Many networks entered the race for self-improvement. Blockchain began to integrate into the real world faster than before. Such positive events, on the other hand, were not reflected in the news media.

On bad news, they immediately FUD. They keep the positive news in the background.

Another example, Bitcoin lost 10 percent right after Elon Musk announced that the use of bitcoin in Tesla vehicle purchases was suspended. Elon Musk argued that behind this decision, it was to prevent the use of fossil fuels. So my first question to you is, didn't an intelligent person like Elon know this before? Until a few months ago, it was manipulating the market in a positive way (I am also against this situation).

Anyway, this thing happened. And to everyone's ears, the FUD spread and the decline took place. It may be ok so far.

Now, Elon Musk has said that his company can continue to receive payments in Bitcoin depending on its energy consumption. However, there is only one condition, that at least 50% of the energy used by miners must be renewable.

It has been revealed that Bitcoin transactions are made by using 56% renewable energy.

So, how much of this situation was reflected in the media? Only we know this, that is, investors who follow well. Unfortunately, those who joined the market later, sold at a loss and withdrawn, are not aware of these news.

I extended the word a bit, but we are in a difficult process. The 5 by 5 rule mentioned in the article is a very good example. And the remaining information is invaluable. By thinking rationally and doing some research, you can increase your confidence in this technology or investment vehicle.

Thank you for reading.

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