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Crypto Section

Rhys Kent’s comment on Behind the Founders

For a man of very few words, if any... (usually leaves me on read, like a pissed-off GF). I was pleasantly surprised at just how much of 'Kenny' was revealed. The in-depth look at the man behind it all. The brains, the looks, the dyslexia. I enjoyed the way you painted the picture of the journey which lead you to where you are today and how you grew from a pleb videographer to founding the most pleb community the world has ever seen.

Not going to lie, when you mentioned Sean and the idea inspired by SBNation I legitimately thought momentarily it stood for Sean Ballent Nation. Would have been a cool story. Anyway, Good chat.

So, here's the thing. Everything always happens for a reason. Except for voice, that was shit. Moving on. Watching you bust out that tasty riff would have had me very excited back when I was a 16-year-old girl. You have talent, not one I would have known if I had not read this article.

Well I enjoyed learning more about you and I hope you reply to me one day.

My girlfriend's jealous 'cause I talk about you 24/7. But she don't know you like I know you Kenny, no one does. She don't know what it was like for people like us growin' up, you gotta reply me man. I'll be the biggest fan you'll ever lose.

Sincerely yours, Kent

P.S. we should be together too

NFT Section

badumtisss’ comment on GameFi – The Next Big Blockchain Trend?

Alienworlds... I found my way into WAX ecosystem thanks to this game. I both advanced my knowledge and volume of my wallet since middle of April during TLM was preparing to be listed on Binance.

I like playing games, and I have interest in blockchain technology, thereby GameFi is something I call revolutionary. While Bitcoin was being steady past 2 months, many investors drove their way into crypto games. I think it is the main reason why we have seen huge interests and volume in this area. Now Bitcoin is driving up so the volume in here tends to decrease, surely it is not the end way for gamification. I call it only the beginning, there are a lot to accomplish once bull run gets approved or Bitcoin gets steady again.

Thanks for the article!

EOS Section

Taha Birşen’s comment on Why Regulated Blockchain projects like Bullish on EOS Matter

Confidence in the crypto market is declining because of scammers. We are suffering from this. There are scams about cryptocurrencies in the news. It's really hard to tell people that the whole stock market isn't a scam just because a few people have scammed.

We always call crypto freedom, we are happy to say that it is not under anyone's control, but don't you think a regulation is necessary?

If there is no control and no regulation, I do not think that this will end well. Most of you have watched the movie The Purge, where no rules or bans are applied for a day in the movie. So all crimes are free. As a result, the world turns into a catastrophic place. So rules and regulations should always be in our lives.

The real issue to be discussed is who will make these arrangements?

It would be ridiculous for states to regulate, because each state has its own rules. For example, crypto regulation in North Korea will not be the same as crypto regulation in America, so a more global power like the UN should make the regulation.

Ethereum Section

Krisso’s comment on CryptoFinney x Kool Keith

From a music standpoint - the production on this is on point 👌🏻 You can feel the old school vibes, the 808 claps and hi hats, ghetto style beats with groove to taste. Graphically- The extra effort taken to sync up the animation with the music 🎶 is what makes it, man even the shoelaces dance!

There’s nothing wrong with setting the bar high and that’s exactly what this does — solid collaboration, let’s goooo!

Bitcoin Section

Helallensana’s comment on Stuck in the Cold War Between America and China, Venezuelans Have No Recourse but Bitcoin

The grass is trampled while the elephants fight.

This is exactly the situation of the poor and desperate Venezuelan people.

A people ruled by a dictator and those trying to overthrow that dictator.

So who are those who have to endure the torment?

a people who are poor and unable to meet their most human needs.

this photo is the same in many parts of the world

helpless people caught between those who try to do social engineering and those who use their economic power as a weapon.

bitcoin can be a torch of freedom.

That's why we need to support and grow it.

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