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Crypto Section

Arif Işık’s comment on A Familiar Story: How New Crypto Regulation Reminds of Turbulent Air Transportation

Efforts to destroy cryptocurrencies are meaningless and funny, they don't realize that if they stopped this ridiculous nonsense and approached and supported Cryptos in a friendly way, they do not realize that they would be in a higher position than other countries in many issues in the future, they are trying to destroy a way that will bring a lifetime income for the sake of instant gain.

NFT Section

cloudplans’ comment on Andreas Karaoulanis: The innocent joy of spontaneous messing around

Cryptowriter's articles that I enjoy reading the most are about NFT and art. I am directly interested in design and art and I find it very valuable to talk about it. With NFT technology, it is possible to talk about crypto and art together. Perhaps the two areas I've been most interested in lately.

First of all, thank you and Cryptowriter for introducing us to another artist. There is so much to talk about and I don't know where to start.

I loved his art. I did some research with his name and I really think he has a very different style. He may not have great line quality, but he clearly doesn't need it. He uses random or rough lines, and that's his choice, that's obvious. And that's a style I love. Every detail has been carefully thought through, and the color palette is enormous. As you said, this kind of work can be done with After Effects. It could also be drawn in Illustrator and animated in After Effects. Either way, it takes a lot of work. Although it may seem easy, each detail here represents a different layer. Each layer makes the job harder by crowding the workspace. I also know how difficult it is because I use these instruments. It requires tremendous patience and care. It seems Andreas has more than enough of that patience and care.

As I said, there are so many details, and it's impossible to perceive them all at once. Every time the animation rewinds, I examine a different detail, and it feels great. I think it can make you feel very different with a suitable music that can be put behind it.

I mentioned it in another NFTwriter article, I want to mention it again. There is an application called Tagtool and it is designed for exactly these kind of works. It is possible to do beautiful works without even needing a pen. If Andreas reads the comments, I recommend him giving it a try. Maybe you can deliver my message to him, Joe. :P While it's not a replacement for what he's done with After Effects, it can make things easier and add a new dimension to his work. Tagtool's animation algorithm is a little different and full of surprises.

I totally agree with what you said in the last paragraph. Every artist has a different style. Even the artists using the same instruments can create very different things with the way they use them, their imagination and color preferences. Isn't that what we call art? Andreas Karaoulanis is a Motion Artist. An artist who thinks in motion. I really like this phrase.

It was a very enjoyable article, I know it's a bit long, I'm sorry :D I have a lot to talk about, but even this may have been too much.

Thanks for the article, I hope we see more of Andreas and his work.

EOS Section

MB’s comment on Founding the EOS Foundation

EOS Foundation will be able to offer a refreshing perspective for the EOS community, and take on some of the challenges that Block1 has struggled with. A new leader working towards democracy will be transformative for EOS, and enable smaller entities within the community to bring their projects to fruition. This will in turn bring more people in to the fold, bringing with them innovation to support further growth. It will be exciting to see where the EOS Foundation ends up in the next few years.

Ethereum Section

Upland Jones’ comment on Should You Mine Crypto?

A good review of solo mining. Although the article touches on buying mining power from a pool, it totally missed selling into a mining pool. A good quality gaming computer with a high end video card can often make a few dollars a month through selling hashing power on the market. I always recommend joining a mining service for anyone interested in learning about making their own crypto.

Bitcoin Section

Josbert Cipriani’s comment on Stuck in the Cold War Between America and China, Venezuelans Have No Recourse but Bitcoin

In Venezuela since the beginning of 2020, we have been working with EOS as a form of payment, thanks to EOS MicroLoan, and then in November 2020 due to EOS Market Place. We now have a network of more than 800 businesses listed on that are accepting EOS as a form of payment for products or services offered in a community of more than 3,000 users who now can make a life beacuase of it.

It can be found, from making Delivery to obtaining a refrigerator to refrigerate products in a bakery or still life. These tools have been very helpful for Venezuelans who are experiencing a hyperinflation that may have existed in the world, where day by day there is more poverty. This is where thanks to EOS we have been able to sustain a little and get ahead, empowering many people who have adopted it as a way of life.

#eos #eosmicroloan #eosmarketplace #HuFi #Venezuela

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