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Crypto Section

NFTJoe’s comment on Why I’m Not Mad At Elon Anymore

I think decisions need to stop being based on what Elon says, positively and negatively. I do think he has an impact both ways, but clearly, he is not the one best suited spokesperson of this market or really any market other than his own. I've never been a fanboy of his and this just further pushes him away for me. Even when SpaceX was launched and everyone was gaga over it my response was, "We've already been to space, what's the big deal?"

NFT Section

Dogeshekki comment on R-Planet – The Latest Obsession of the Blockchain Gamers

A great read on an overview of what R-Planet does! It's always been a mystery what the human curiosity of the unknown has been. We've always been striving to discover new things and go to new places. I feel that our curiosity with space has been just that. There's been a plethora of new media about space and colonizing new planets, like Mars. I remember even as a child wishing and wondering what living on a new planet would feel like and how different it would have been.

I think that this innate curiosity for the unknown is what drives people towards R-planet. I've been an R-Planet player for a few months now and have had a very positive experience with both the game and the community surrounding it. I can see discussions going on in the discord every day about what members think the recipe would be for elements that haven't been discovered. The developers may not have expected such a simple game to be so popular, but in hindsight, I think we can all agree that the idea behind the game is simply genius. I remember back in late February and March how I thought spending $70 on a mini rig pack or $200 on a large pack was insane, but now a deal like that would be swooped up immediately in the market. It's great to see new collectors join the community and rush to part of something that can potentially be very big.

One can only hope that Cryptofinney will one day be a big part of the NFT community. I strongly feel the project is one of the best I've seen in the WAX and EOS ecosystem. It doesn't try to be too much and convoluted that it daunts new players from joining, yet there's just something exciting about burning a coin and wonder behind what Finney you'll get next that forces the collector to keep coming back. As a lot of people say, the best solution should be "simple yet elegant," and that's exactly what Cryptowriter is doing! Thanks for the awesome article.

EOS Section

Los Lakers comment on Phillip Hamnet - Chintai / The Cryptowriter Podcast 26

Being in the institutional capital space, I understand just how archaic and slow-moving the industry is and how inefficiencies bog down the space. I've always thought that cryptocurrency would provide much-needed solutions, and I'm happy to see Chintai working towards this goal. When people hear "institutional capital," I don't think they realize that a large % of these funds come from the average, working person (ie. pension fund money), and it's vital for these funds to be invested efficiently for people to be able to have enough money for retirement. A large portion of invested equity is spent on compliance and administrative bottlenecks and relieving this would put more money into people's hands. Also, by tokenizing and fractionalizing interests in different assets with high capital barriers to entry, retail investors will finally be afforded the opportunity to invest in previously unavailable investment vehicles (that were only available to the super-wealthy). This is a big step towards reducing the income-inequality gap and allowing any person to start building generational wealth. Excited to see where this ends up and I'll be paying close attention to Chintai. Great podcast!

Ethereum Section

RhysKent’s comment on Why the “Energy Inefficiency” FUD in Ethereum is Baseless

Out of the blockchains, BTC and ETH are by far the worst for energy efficiency though... that's well documented. I don't believe that most of these miners are running carbon-friendly/neutral.

Of course, the batteries that Musk creates are horrible for the environment and probably no better long term and probably worse for the environment.

However, I agree with Elon (apart from DOGE) and when he first purchased BTC I complained to friends/family who asked, that it didn't make sense why he chose the least efficient crypto to get in bed with.

There are many more efficient cryptocurrencies but I guess if you want to bring crypto mainstream it takes a billionaire to buy the most popular one and dump it later for a meme coin.

Bitcoin Section

Ricardo Brochado’s comment on

Great article, as always. It's not my first crash and my previous experience taught me some stuff.

If you can work with dollar cost averaging you will be ready for everything. As soon as I start doing it I was way more relaxed and market volatility doesn't affect me as it did.

Before I would be constantly checking market prices. Now, every couple of days or so.

What helped a lot was entering the NFT market, WAX Blockchain to be precise, which taught me that hodling is the way and it doesn't matter if the market has fluctuations. If you do good research it will pay off, one, two months later - I'm ready to wait years.

If you believe the NFTs you buy have value and you can hold, bitcoin shouldn't be any different.

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