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Crypto Section

K C’s comment on A Quick Dive Into Solana DeFi

I think a lot of these ETH competitors are amazing for the growth of crypto.

It allows for many more people to enter into DeFi, NFTs, etc. with a much lower barrier of entry. It gets a lot more people buying and using cryptocurrency.

Thank you for the informative piece!

NFT Section

RhysKent’s comment on Behind The Pixel: Bulging Idiot

Thanks again for putting this behind the pixel together Joey Bear. I would most likely never have discovered this incredible yet chaotic expression of art if it were not for you. I've told Bulging Idiot that his artwork gives me a borderlands vibe which he took as a massive compliment, as it was intended. The animation is what makes it complete. Layers Being slopped down then outlining/defining to create the model is amazing then the grungy street graffiti style on tops is what really makes it all pop!

Look forward to seeing more from both of you <3

EOS Section

Albeit_J’s comment on EOSweekly: EOS Green, Chintai, Greymass, Blankos, Blumer, B1, EdenOS, and Finney

Carbon neutral is the way to be going forward. I don’t think any blockchain will be able to survive without having a green brand. EOS is smart to get this down now, and kudos to those helping with it.

Ethereum Section

Dogeshekki’s comment on Ethereum Layer 2 Is Becoming Liquid

Honestly, I've always been a big fan of ETH over Bitcoin. I feel that the use cases of ETH as a "product" and as a tech stack for devs has just been overwhelmingly more accepted to be "easier" than bitcoin. The biggest issue has always been, as stated, the gas fees. With the new updated roadmap of ETH 2.0, I think that there are big things that will happen to the crypto ecosystem.

In terms of the NFT space, I think that WAX and EOS has both down a great job in addressing certain concerns over the different issues that ETH would have had (although there definitely is still concern in both blockchains that need to be solved). ETH 2.0 looks promising that it looks to solve a lot of the scaling issues and the gas fees that ETH as a base layer had to begin with. I think that this will be a huge for the crypto ecosystem once ETH 2.0 starts to trade only because it'll be a start of something new. If Bitcoin comes out to solve their issues of an archaic coin after ETH 2.0 comes out, I think that the space will blow up. A lot of issues that new investors have is the withdrawal timing that crypto has in general, which in my opinion make sense. Crypto is not like a normal stock or asset where you can pull out whenever you want (though if you really wanted to only be making money, there is ways to bypass this). The asset that you have in the blockchain is a lot more impactful that holding a same ratio in a normal stock. That layer holds more information and power that any normal stock would have, ex: holding 1 ETH I would say is lot more meaningful to the ETH ecosystem than holding 1 Amazon stock in the same ecosystem. I think that some investors don't realize this fact and just try to find crypto as a a fast money making scheme.

Crypto is an investment and, I believe, the future of transactions in the internet. Once people start to fully realize this, and the security, scalability, and gas fees are fixed, it can definitely be issued as the norm for internet transactions just as credit cards are. Just like people are going to sports card or trading card conventions now and spending thousands of dollars on assets, I believe that the NFT's have potential in the doing the same (some are trading at hundreds and even thousands). Crypto has only started to show small potential in what it can do, but it's already taking over the collector's worlds. Who knows what the possibilities are for the future of NFTs and crypto are?

Bitcoin Section

DeFiDoctR’s comment on What Does Bitcoin Bring to the World?

I've said it before and I'll state it again. You can't expect perfection out of everything immediately. The people that disparage BTC and Crypto in general are only able to poke at the credibility of BTC because it's not "perfect". Cars aren't perfect. Air travel isn't perfect. Medicine, as evidenced by the last year, isn't perfect. However we see EVERY innovation in these areas PRAISED, regardless of how the improvement was reached. Here we are though, living through an innovation that has the ability to genuinely change everything about how we live, and all that we hear is negativity. Why is this? I think there are several reasons. The most poignant of which are A) Fear, and B) Lack of understanding or desire to learn.

Fear is RAVAGING the folks that run our current financial systems. What happens if BTC and Crypto truly are everything we have been saying for years? What happens to their wealth? What happens to their POWER? They don't know, but they know that their wallet won't like it. So what do you do? You throw dirt. What do you do when that doesn't work? You throw more and hire others to throw more. Then you convince the powerful people around you to throw dirt. Eventually everyone is throwing dirt, like now, but BTC is still going forward. One. Block. At. A. Time.

Most of these people "understand" BTC and Crypto. They have to. It's their job to understand. However, they don't understand PEOPLE and what people want and need. They don't understand why the movement keeps...well... moving. They don't understand why everyone wants to leave the way things have been for the way things COULD be. They can't. If they DO, then they're admitting they were wrong. I don't think we will see the end of the disparaging comments and the spread of false information until BTC and Crypto ate THE way. Until then, we follow what we believe in and what we want to see happen. WE know that this is the future, eventually everyone else will too.

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