The 5 Human Feelings That Prevent You From Embracing the Bitcoin Revolution

Get rid of them all.

Written by Sylvain Saurel - In Bitcoin We Trust

Bitcoin is a revolutionary system in that anyone can benefit from it. No one can stop you from embracing the Bitcoin revolution. All you need is a smartphone and an Internet connection to buy Bitcoin. Anyone can also become a node in the network to become their own bank.

Unfortunately, such transparency and power seem to scare a lot of people.

Many find it hard to shake off human feelings and really embrace the Bitcoin revolution. This is something damaging since by staying in the current monetary and financial system, these people are putting their money future at risk.

In what follows, I highlight these 5 human feelings to help you get rid of them to change your life for the better with Bitcoin.

Ego - It prevents you from learning from others

The ego is the enemy in life. This sentence must remind you of something since it is the title of Ryan Holiday's bestseller. This book explains that your ego prevents you from achieving great success in life.

With Bitcoin, it's the same thing.

Many people refuse to ask others for help in learning about this incredible monetary revolution. Their ego prevents them from learning from others. This is a shame because Bitcoiners are always there to answer questions from newcomers.

So it's in your best interest to put your ego aside and try to understand how Bitcoin works. This will open your eyes to the Bitcoin revolution.

Envy - It keeps you from embracing the Bitcoin revolution

Many people keep saying the same thing over and over again:

"You were lucky to buy Bitcoin several years ago."

These people are jealous of those who believed in Bitcoin before them. These people were able to pay less for their Bitcoin. To listen to these people, luck would be the reason why some people were able to buy Bitcoin cheaper in the past.

It is a mistake to think like this. In the world of Bitcoin, there is no luck involved. You simply pay the price you deserve for your Bitcoin.

Those who believed in Bitcoin before anyone else are rewarded for their belief and patience. The Bitcoin system is egalitarian in that it offers the same opportunities to all its users. It's up to you to take advantage of them or not.

The best thing you can do is to accept this and stop being jealous of those who have been able to buy Bitcoin at a lower price than you. Don't compare yourself to others, and protect your financial interests with Bitcoin.

Anger - It prevents you from seeing the reality of the current system

It is not easy to wake up one day and understand that the current monetary and financial system has kept you in a comfortable lie forever. The educational system has done everything to prevent you from discovering the 7 deadly sins that will cause the downfall of the current system.

Discovering this makes some people angry and they refuse to face the facts.

Yet, it will have to be done. The success of Bitcoin is inevitable. The sooner you accept this, the better for your future regarding money. If you choose to stay in the current system, it will be at your own peril. Your wealth will continue to devalue over time.

Anger prevents you from facing reality. It's up to you not to let your emotions get the better of your logical thinking.

Ignorance - It prevents you from taking care of your money future

The world is constantly changing. In a world that is constantly evolving, you must evolve too. If you don't, you'll be left behind. You are the only person who can take care of your future regarding money.

To be able to do this, you must make the effort to constantly deepen your knowledge of money, the economy, and Bitcoin.

Ignorance is what prevents many people from taking care of their money future. Therefore, you must understand that Bitcoin is a marathon, not a sprint. To protect your money with the Bitcoin system, you need to stick to the four "Keep":

  • Keep Learning.

  • Keep Buying.

  • Keep HODLing.

  • Keep Stacking.

It all starts with your willingness to constantly learn new things. The ball is in your court!

Fear of discovering the ugly truth

The ugly truth about the current system is simple, but so hard to accept. The current system is a system of widespread impoverishment over time. The total power given to central banks to print as much fiat money out of thin air as they deem necessary is the original sin.

Once you discover this ugly truth, you will be scared.

All your certainties will collapse. You'll need to use that fear to take action by embracing the Bitcoin revolution. Unfortunately, too many people let this fear paralyze them. They refuse to accept the truth about the current system and start rejecting Bitcoin.

This is something that wastes their valuable time and puts the fruits of their labor at risk. Since the success of Bitcoin is inevitable in my view, these people will sooner or later embrace the Bitcoin revolution. The big question is what the price of Bitcoin will be at that point.

I imagine that this will be another opportunity for these people to let envy get the better of them.

Final Thoughts

Bitcoin is an incredible monetary revolution that is inducing a complete paradigm shift in your relationship to money. To benefit from what Bitcoin has to offer, however, you'll have to overcome 5 human feelings that block too many people.

The key is to see the facts about the current system as they are, so you can understand how Bitcoin responds to the flaws in this doomed system. If you do that, you will be making the only choice that is necessary to protect the fruits of your labor.

For me, that choice was to fully embrace the Bitcoin revolution.


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