I totally agree with what you said. Whatever we do, we do for ourselves and we do it ourselves. You can't be jealous because someone else bought Bitcoins from you before. It's up to you to research and buy earlier. Of course, it matters at what price you buy it. But what is more important is to be a part of this technology. We must continue to learn and research. The rest of your opinions are so true. It would be unfair to call it opinion, facts.

Thanks for the article, Sylvain. It was really true and good article.

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'You are your invesment' I think everyone's motto should be these words. If you care about what others think or done, you will keep moving backwards.

It's very crucial for you to have time to value yourself. If you reach to the spiritual level; where fear, ignorance, anger, envy and ego doesn't mean anything to you, then you will always tend to make right decisions.

Thank you for the article!

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People with an ego for Bitcoin are not inclined to learn and research.

It is very important to research and have knowledge to understand this system.

Jealousy seems very childish and funny to me.

Even if we miss the opportunities, the opportunities do not end at Bitcon.

Anger affects a person mentally.

Focusing and trying to calm down may be the solution.

Calm decisions bring success.

I love your four rules for bitcoin.

Sometimes when I'm discussing Bitcoin with my friends, I see some really ignorantly polluting their minds with no references and word-of-mouth nonsense.

I don't like this at all.

I advise them to read more to gain knowledge and pass on the basic information I know to them.

People can buy Bitcoin now, but some are afraid and after a while they wish they had bought it or they are jealous of those who have bought it before.

This is because these people cannot do their own risk analysis and generally do not know much about Bitcoin.


If you keep up with this new era, you can secure your financial freedom in the future.

Thanks for the article.

A complete beginner's guide for Bitcoin buyers.

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In order to be successful in the stock market, personal characteristics must be compatible with the stock market. There is a stockbroker that I love very much, his name is Özgür Demirtaş. His followers are telling him to offer coins. If Özgür Demirtaş, I don't know you, how can I offer a coin to someone I don't know, for example, you are impatient and I suggest you a coin that you have to wait for a long time

The point I want to say briefly is that the stock market is not a suitable place for everyone.

but I don't think there are people with such personal characteristics on this site, everyone is learning new things, reading new things, we are interacting. We have never seen or heard of each other, but Hüsnü Çoban, Badumtis, sezgin25, Bahadır, Helalesana, yasiraykac, we are like friends. Thanks cryptowriter for creating this community

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Yeah, a friend I've never seen. I hope I see it one day

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Not only in this market, but also in daily life, emotions such as ego, jealousy and anger harm the person in every field.

If you are egoistic in the pu market and act like you are wearing blinders, you will only see in front of you. You cannot see research and information around you. First of all, one should get out of the thought that I know.

Secondly, this technology is developing itself for us and is very important for humanity. Those who look with envy at this technology, which is a candidate to solve many problems, are doomed to disappear.

Anger is more common in people who invest in this market without research. If someone does their own research correctly, they trust the investment project to the fullest. Even if there is a fall, he does not get angry in the long run, he knows how to be patient.

In your article in the title of ignorance, this caught my attention:

"Keep learning.

Keep buying.

Continue HODLing.

Keep stacking."

Every field in the world is changing rapidly and we have to keep up with it.

Thanks for your valuable article. I wish you a good day.

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If you have a barrier to change and cannot get past it, you may be dying. :))

You are definitely getting old. :))

Take a look around you, how quickly everything is changing.

If you have some feelings that are holding you back, it may be time to question them again.

anger, jealousy, excessive ego (a balanced ego is beneficial), if these are your obstacles...


Look, it's a short life and there are good times to live. We must continue to learn and have fun.

You must overcome your obstacle.

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I think there's another reason.

Being lazy.

People want to make money, but they don't want to research and learn. Doesn't want to work. Everyone wants to win where they sit. They're not open to innovation.

When they understand Bitcoin and technology, they will all regret it. And they'll say, " I wish I'd found it before." Just like the people who discovered it now say.

I think it's a cycle. "History repeats itself".

The reason is not to be open to innovation and not to research.

Every wave of understanding that comes after us, unfortunately, will experience it. I hope every person understands one day. And I hope will history not repeats itself.

Thanks for the article.

Have a nice day.

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Yeah, laziness is a big problem. There's only one way to win without working ( as far as I know ) that's luck. Sometimes he's with us, and sometimes he's not with us.

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It happened with you today. I hope Luck never leaves you alone.

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Yes I was pretty lucky at poker. Still can't believe it.

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Bitcoin doesn't care about us. In my eyes, bitcoin is a living being. He does what he wants. He sits when he's bored, he runs when he's bored. He does it in harmony.

If you are trading in general, you should not act on your emotions. Some emotions are very critical. They're very powerful weapons if they're in the right amount. But if he gets over what he needs to be, it's risky. We'll hurt ourselves. Ambition is a good emotion that keeps us alive, but if we exceed the dose, we lose a lot.

Ego is also a critical feeling. We must have too much ego to believe with false news. We need to trust ourselves. But he shouldn't have the ego to despise other people.

Thanks for the nice post. It gave me a different perspective.

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People are often biased because they follow Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies from the mainstream media and try to understand Bitcoin with what they say. Because the mainstream media usually gathers cryptocurrencies under one roof only as “Bitcoin”. In addition, even if the only Bitcoin is mentioned, the negative events are mentioned instead of explaining its potential benefits.

In the mainstream media, we often see headlines such as "Bitcoin scams caught", "Is Bitcoin a Ponzi scheme?", "The famous investor called Bitcoin a bubble". Therefore, the public that only follows these sources very naturally thinks that Bitcoin is a fraud attempt.

Besides, when I talk in the field of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Blockchain, he encounters an exclamation such as “Hmmm…” followed by a sentence such as “How did I hear there is a lot of money in this Bitcoin business”. No, there isn't a lot of money in the Bitcoin business. In fact, there is no such thing as a "Bitcoin business". The prejudices of the people I talk to for Bitcoin usually start at this point. Because of the mainstream media, misinterpretations, and fads to make easy money, people see Bitcoin as a "win-win" rather than a revolutionary technology. For this reason, he approaches Bitcoin with the logic of "Let's give you 1,000 dollars, give it back to us a hundredfold". I believe that we can break this pattern with “simple explanations”.

First of all, let's start by telling people that Bitcoin is not a bad initiative as the main outsiders have heard. Let's talk about the technology underlying Bitcoin, not just for Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies, but as a registry that can be used in every field.

I know, even at this point, they will look at you like you're an alien for talking about an unconventional system. Some people I meet withdraw into their shells by saying, "Oh, I don't understand those things at all." Others are trying to prove that I'm talking about something wrong. Therefore, it is very important to break the prejudices first. In my opinion, it is possible to break prejudice by empathizing.

First of all, I think, “Where did I start when I wanted to learn about cryptocurrencies”, and although they were not that popular in the mainstream media at that time, I remember that I never researched this topic on television or in popular media. That's why I recommend reliable sources that I follow myself, and I try to explain in the simplest way by avoiding the "I know Bitcoin, you don't" mood.

I also think it should be underlined that Bitcoin has no intention of destroying today's habits of the financial system, causing people to lose their money, exterminating the dollar or any other global currency. Because people, in general, are very attached to their habits, and Bitcoin is a startup with a very strong potential to change their financial habits, and Blockchain to change their registration habits. However, as it is thought, it is not a case that the whole order will change overnight or that Bitcoin will defeat all currencies in a short time. I think the people we meet need to hear that too. Do not be afraid of Bitcoin, it has no intention of seizing your money in your pocket or in banks, destroying financial institutions you trust very much or entering your life in a way that is not understood at all. On the contrary, Bitcoin wants to be controlled by certain people and actually just wants to give you back the control of your money, which is between their two lips.

Considering all this, it is necessary to break the prejudice first in order to increase Bitcoin adoption. For this, we need to empathize with the person in front of us. If we start talking about Bitcoin's technology, Blockchain's nodes to someone who is already biased, we can put obstacles in the way of adoption.

Thank's for the article.

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Nice comment Dreamer!

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You can't force someone to an idea. All we can do is educate the people around us who will listen. Those who have embraced Bitcoin early will benefit greatly in the future.

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In fact, they are all interconnected. There is a cycle of anger due to ignorance, jealousy due to anger, ego due to jealousy, not accepting the truth due to ego, and not focusing on a single logic.

If we blunt these feelings and investigate in detail, we can see that Bitcoin is the real revolution.

I think it's time to open our eyes and accept the facts

We trust Bitcoin!

Thanks for the article.

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Excess ego can cause problems. Learning from others is actually a very good thing. Asking for help from others about things you do not know does not make you a loser, if you enter the bitcoin environment without knowing anything and without asking anyone, then you will be the real loser.

Jealousy happens all the time. Nobody likes their own time and complains about emulating the old ones or that they should buy it in the past, but I find this ridiculous because as it is written in the article, Bitcoin is not a matter of luck, you get what you deserve.

About anger, I would say that every downfall is a rise, and that getting angry is absurd, and anger can even lead you to failure. You just have to stay calm and cool.

Ignorance... a lot has been said here about the importance of research, and not doing research will only do you a disservice.

Trusting Bitcoin is not a difficult thing, you just have to research, ask when necessary and stay calm.

Thanks for the article.

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The most common is the Ego and Envy

I have seen some people's near me with the same attitudes as explained above in the Article

The main Envy of those people is that Why The other person Bought it before them , why the other person knew about BTC Before them , Why the Hell they knew about Crypto Before them

This are the main points of this peeps and i am not just saying it without a self experience i have experienced and he/she was someone close to me but i believe they were really jealous of me holding BTC cause they sold it Really long ago

The Ego is the biggest enemy of any person and there are two types of them Positive and Negative and The Negative is just destroyer it can lead to destroy your whole life

Many people don't want to learn from The Teenagers or The person who is younger to them just because they feel same and i am saying you never fall to it

I had that Negative Ego too and i never wanted to learn from younger ones but some of the incidents in my life changed me forever and now I don't feel same to learn from anybody

Learn More and More

One should never stop learning

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Get rid of all these psychological bias!

BTC Rules! Thanks Sylvain!

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That's true .

Right now we are facing problems of congestion due to many people starting buy bitcoin. As the transaction confirmation time increases from 30 sec to 2 minutes in a year .if this will continually increase then what will happen ?

Another one is the problem which we are facing once bitocin price rise up then miner and whales are dumping it. Mining difficulty also increases day by day .

What's the solution for this ?


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