What I love about Cryptowriter is reading Sylvain's perspective:


...followed by your perspective:

"It’s just that Musk is going through this process publicly..."

and being torn between which I agree with more. Elon Musk is so brilliant, at times he almost seems beyond human. While it might take the average noob 2-3 years to really wrap their heads around Bitcoin, does someone like Musk have the ability to do it in weeks?

I do agree with you Jason, I think he is still learning, but I also agree with Sylvain and think he likes to toy with people and feeds of the reactions of the maxis when he suggests things that go outside of Satoshi's perceived vision.

My questions for you are, do you feel that Bitcoin in its current form is a perfect system, or do you think tweaks can be made to maximize potential? Is Elon a total noob whose opinions should be dismissed, or will he soon see Bitcoin in a light we normies can't?

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It's an exercise in patience and determination to keep the calm during a bear market and hodl. If you firmly believe Bitcoin is the future, there's nothing to worry about.

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Another day in office %100

This one is being hard and critical, but is nothing far from what we should spect in a more serious and developed market.

Let’s just chill a bit,learn, and fix what we to change.

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Years later, when we look at the graphics, we will see the regions we call Elon MUSK effect and this will make us laugh.

Bitcoin will live longer than all of us

will be here for a long life

and maybe more years later, people will call us ancient people dealing with pebbles.

Bitcoin is just a newborn kid and kids misbehaving

and what the adults say affects them.

Be confident as you said in the article

but it's better to trust bitcoin

sorry for my bad english

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Definitely agree to what Jason is trying to state here in this article. I feel both excited and concerned when I hear people around me go into cryptocurrency today. Excited in the fact that crypto is now gaining more popularity in diverse groups, even after such a big boom in the early 2010s. When I first heard about crypto, I always that that it was an amazing idea. In a world where innovation and technology dictates every step of our lives, it only makes sense that the "next move' would be for our every day transactions and money to be digitized.

The fear comes in not in what I believe what crypto is, and the belief and backbones behind it, but in the fact that most of the people today investing in crypto don't understand enough about it. All they hear is prominent figures like Elon pouring money into it, that they believe it should be a strong asset to be part of. I strongly believe doing something like this is absolutely detrimental to the human mentality. We shouldn't be treating cryptocurrency like a meme stock, where to dump money and try pulling at the high, only to find out that we missed and eventually lost money.

Cryptocurrency is an asset, and a truly valuable one in my opinion. We shouldn't be concerned when it hits a low like it did recently, but rather we should endure this and move past these little speed bumps. The potential of Bitcoin and the crypto-space is truly endless, and I feel that we are only experiencing the tip of the iceberg right now. We should be concerned, but rather confident, as you've said in your article, that we'll move past this point. As great reddit investors say, "DIAMOND HANDS BOIS, WE HODLING."

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Definitely another day at the office. I learned to invest with a 5 to 10 year growth model in mind, this mindset helps during these dips. Correct, no one can stop bitcoin and other truly decentralized projects on the blockchain will thrive in the midst of the doubters.

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I feel like being in the crypto markets for 6 months I have become a seasoned vet. This is absolutely not a reality but I have gone through to highest highs and the lowest load. The anxiety fuelled rollercoaster made me develop my focus off of watching prices and just invest in projects I thought had big potential, grow some diamond hands and just sit back.

The volatility of crypto is becoming higher and higher with mass adoption looming. Eyes are everywhere, everyone is an expert and social media/news media loves every single moment of it, good or bad.

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